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4 Reasons to Work With a Home Interior Designer

Designing a home isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to be able to lay out a space in the most functional yet aesthetically pleasing way, maximize natural light, have adequate storage, etc and get all of your ideas executed within a budget. There are technical consideration too – wouldn’t it be frustrating if your door overlapped and you couldn’t open a wardrobe door without first shutting the room door… Rather than experiment on your own and then bring in a professional to correct the situation, it is always better to work with a home interior designer from the get go. Here are a few reasons to convince you.

A trained eye

Even self-taught interior designers spend years honing their skills and learning how to assess a space. Most spend years in design schools getting the requisite skill sets. When they look at the shell of a building, they can visualize how it should be used and the best way to plan the space. Let’s look at a few simple examples.  They will be better at understanding how natural light flows and be able to help you decide where to place large windows and where to make them slimmer to conserve energy. While furniture layouts may be confusing for you, it will be a breeze for them. 

They have more resources

To design a beautiful home and execute your ideas, you need a team. First, there are sketches to be made, then ideally, you need to render the sketches and layout to be able to see what the space would like in the first place. Then, you need to source the right materials and install them in place. You may not know the difference between laminate and veneer but your designer will. They will also know the right people to source these materials from and help you get the best rates. Similarly, every home interior designer usually has a team of carpenters, electricians, etc who can bring your ideas to life. 

Better planning

Planning is the foundation to good design. Interior designers can plan the layout of a space efficiently. If you have a compact home, their designs can maximize the space while creating natural breaks in the layout. They can also help plan the project and break it into different stages. This ensures that the project is complete in time. While you may go back and forth with your considerations, a designer will be able to push you in the right direction to take important decisions. 

The WOW factor

Anyone can put a sofa set and a coffee table in the living room and a bed in the bedroom but this doesn’t guarantee a home that makes a beautiful first impression. On the other hand, interior designers can help you choose the right furniture, light fixtures, paints, etc. that add a WOW factor to your interiors. Imagine the difference a statement wall would make to your entrance… 

It’s a myth that you can hire a home interior designer only if you’re designing a luxury home. Designers work on projects of all budgets. From building a home from an empty shell to redoing sections of your home, you can find a designer for every project. What’s more important than your budget is to find a designer who matches your sense of aesthetics. It is important to be able to communicate ideas clearly with your designer so that you stay on the same page. You should also trust your designer. In some cases, they may push you to take decisions you don’t agree with because they understand the technical side better.

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