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5 benefits of creating a contest via social media networks

Brands are increasingly joining the contests and promotions on Facebook and Instagram. Do you know the reasons they create contests on social media?

It is simple. Social networks can help brands find large communities of people who are interested in their products or services. They can reach them much more easily through these platforms than traditional marketing techniques. That’s why Contest marketing is an important aspect of marketing.

Before you start a contest or promotion, it is important to know what the objective of the contest is, who we want to reach and how we will address them.

After a quick tour of the various promotions and contests we have created for our clients, you will see that all of them agreed on six common objectives when creating promotions and contests via social media.


Brand awareness

When creating a contest or promotion on social media, the main goal is to increase brand visibility and make it more popular.

These promotions are great if we want to increase brand awareness in certain communities, strengthen the presence of our company, or remind our users that our company still exists.


Attracting new customers

Similar to the previous point, creating contests on social media networks is a great way to gather information about our fans.

You can create a database with data such as email addresses and other information that might be relevant to your brand. This will allow you to use the data later to execute other personalized marketing strategies.

This type of promotion is a win-win for all. The user can win a prize in return for providing their data to the company.



You’ve probably seen these types of promotions on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the best ways to build user loyalty is to give away discount codes or coupons temporarily.

This creates a stronger and more lasting relationship between the brand and the user. These are the loyal customers who give their opinions and recommendations. Positive images of products and brands must reflect this.


Increase your social media followers

Two great benefits come with social media promotion:

  • All the latest developments and news from the brand are sent to fans via its social media channels. This allows them to be up-to-date on everything. You can share the content with your friends.
  • A measure of brand popularity is the number of followers.

If a brand wants to grow its following, it is essential to create a contest on social media.


Promote new products and services

Brands are most likely to hold a contest to launch new products. These types of promotions are viral with the first to purchase a product or enjoy a service.


Find out the opinions of users

We have already discussed the 5 reasons why you should create a contest on social media. Promotions are used to not only attract users but also collect data to help with future promotions. In many cases, they are used to getting their opinions on the brand.

It is easy and quick to get a lot of opinions by asking users to select from a variety of images of products or to tell about their experiences using them.

This type of strategy will be more viral if you give the option to invite friends and share the link on your wall. You will receive many more opinions and participation. It is important to understand the direction in which the promotion is heading.

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