5 Excellent Vape Starter Kits To Buy In 2022

Vaping is gaining popularity across the globe. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaping doesn’t come with harmful disadvantages to one’s health. Vaping is beneficial due to its less detrimental issues to health than smoking, it’s cheaper, handy, and most importantly people who want to quit smoking could adopt vaping first. You might want to try one of the best nicotine e-cigarettes which are the Aroma King disposable vape. Aroma king disposable vape is pre-filled with 10mg/20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, which is a small disposable vape kit. This premium classical comes in a handy disposable mode. Get 600+ puffs with the amazing, flavoured aroma king disposable vape, which is quite classy. 

This article might help you in giving five excellent vape starter kits which you should definitely give a try in 2022. 

5 Excellent Vape Starter Kits To Buy In 2022

There are five excellent vape starter kits that you should buy in 2022, which are following:

Uwell Caliburn Pod Vape Kit

Unwell Caliburn pod vape kit is one of the best sellers. This e-liquid comes with perfect flavouring, smoothness, cost-effectiveness, and value for money. The unwell Caliburn pod vape kit is known for its long-lasting battery and a solid range of compatible coils. While there are several drawbacks such as coils could be fiddy to change over and pods could be known to leak from time to time which is not a good sign. This pod comes with unparalleled flavour, an elegant pen-like pod device along with 520mAh long-lasting battery.

Aspire Pockex Vape Kit

It consists of 2ml capacity, pen style, single button, along with 1500mAh of battery is available in this vape. Aspire pocket vape kit is perfect in its value for money, cost-effectiveness, smoothness, and flavour. While this vape is beneficial for multiple coil capability and ergonomic & easy upkeep, moreover it comes with a non-replacement battery and overfilling tank which could cause a great leakage. Aspire pockex vape kit is helpful for making people switch for even longer than pockex, as they are likely best known for the Nautilus Mini tank. This amazing vape kit comes with multiple coil compatibility, which is lightweight compact, as well as an ultimate starter kit with an ergonomic pen design. 

Evolv Reflex Pod Vape Kit

Evolv reflex pod vape kit comes with 2ml pods, mimics a cigarette, inhale activated and refillable pod kit. The overall performance of the Evolv reflex pod vape kit comes with seamless smoothness to it, mind-blowing flavour, cost-effectiveness, and value for money. Similarly, the Evolv Reflex pod vape kit comes with a sturdy design, compact, and advanced sensor technology.  However, this vape kit would be a bit pricy for many people and it comes with a restricted coil range to it. They have now released the Evolv Reflex pod kit that’s aim squarely at the beginner vaper market, as they are the company that makes chipsets for an advanced kit. Moreover, it’s similar to how a hard pull on a cigarette will result in more smoke being breath in, as sensors could recognise exactly how you’re inhaling and cause the kit to produce more or less vapour.

Smok Novo 2 Pod Vape Kit

Smok Novo 2 pod vape kit is a mesh vape coil. Which comes with 2ml refillable pods, and 800mAh of battery. There are several benefits of the Smok Novo 2 pod vape kit. Which are multiple pod compatibility and stylish yet discreet design. However, it has a restricted airflow and a battery is not most long-lasting.

Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit

Another vape is Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit which consist of a single button operation, with disposable 2ml e-liquid pods and comes with a 900mAh battery. Aspire Gusto Mini vape kit is a simple operation and comes in a pocket-friendly design with a wide choice. Flavoured pods from the best e-liquid brands. However, it’s not the most environmentally friendly, and consist of limited to pre-filled disposable salt nicotine pods.

Final thoughts  

The top 5 starter kits to buy in 2022 are Aspire Gusto Mini Vape kit, Smok Novo 2 Pod vape kit. Evolv reflex pod vape kit, Unwell Caliburn pod vape kit, and Aspire pocket vape kit, enjoy happy vaping. 

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