5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mi Smartphone In India

Mi Phone Prices

This year, Xiaomi became the 2nd largest seller of smartphones worldwide. Making it the youngest company on the list of Fortune Global 500 companies. All this, within just a decade of existence, is a truly spectacular achievement.

While Xiaomi manufactures a broad spectrum of electronic devices and gadgets, their Mi smartphones can take bulk of the credit. There are several reasons for their immense popularity. If you’re on the hunt for a new, pocket-friendly device, you too should buy a Mi smartphone.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in a new Mi smartphone.

  • Value for Money

Mi smartphones were able to break a big myth that low price equals low quality. Yes, typically Affordable Mi phone prices are lower than several other competitors in the market, but the quality is equal or better.

The 145 million phones sold in 2020 are evidence of this fact. With superior configurations offered at lower prices, Mi is able to capture huge portion of budget and mid-to-high-end market segments. 

  • High-Quality Hardware

The reason Xiaomi and similar companies are able to price their phones so competitively is not that lower quality components are used. It is because of large manufacturing units which provide economies of scale.

It is also due to the elimination of middlemen and retailers. By selling their phones directly through e-commerce sites, they avoid big expenses due to maintaining offline store space and sales staff. Another aspect worth noticing is the low advertising spend done by Mi phones as compared to Apple or Samsung.

All these costs saved are passed on to the consumers in the form of low-cost yet high-performing phones. This is how you can find full metal body Mi phones, with resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and efficient Snapdragon processors at such reasonable mi phone prices.

  • Impressive Cameras Reliable and Stable

Another important factor is the reliability offered by Mi smartphones. This is due to a combination of high-quality hardware paired well with a stable operating system, which offers consumers longevity and durability.

To keep the phone technology abreast with the current trends, MIUI keeps launching regular features. The OS updates thet keeps pushing security or functionality patches to your phone.

  • Customizable Operating System and User Interface (UI)

Xiaomi actually started as a software company providing customizable versions of Android OS under the name MIUI. This interface gained so much popularity.

With the success achieved, Xiaomi started manufacturing its own hardware and selling Mi smartphones. MIUI is now the standard OS on all Xiaomi off-the-shelf phones and has a loyal following due to the number of customizations that can be done to reflect your individuality. With several themes to choose from, the entire phone can appear unique and stands apart.

The UI is fast and responsive. A great deal of attention is paid to the security of the phone and your user data, which is why MIUI is empowered to trap adware, malware and detect other forms of security threats.

  • Impressive Cameras

New generation of smartphone buyers puts high value on types of cameras used in phones and convenience of their use. It is the age of social media and no social interaction is truly complete without posting pictures or videos.

As stated in the earlier point, Mi smartphones use premium quality hardware and the camera is no different. Whether it is their flagship 5G phones like Latest Mi 11 Lite Mobile, Mi 10i priced around Rs. 20,000-22,000 range or even their more affordable mobiles under Rs. 10,000, the camera quality of Mi smartphones is always good.

They also provide picture accentuating features like autofocus, light adjustment, portrait modes, and easy functionality to edit and share images directly to the social media app of your choice. 

On the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can check Mi phone prices and specifications based on your requirements and budget. Whether you are looking for an entry-level phone like Redmi 5 or a high-end model like Mi 11 Lite, Mi smartphones cater to a diverse set of users and price ranges.

You can find phones dedicated to different activities, like special gaming phones or phones for business and office work with technical configurations well adapted to suit those specific requirements.

Now, You can make your shopping experience more lucrative using a combination of discounts and cashback offers. You can also make use of the No Cost EMI option to buy your Mi smartphone in convenient interest-free monthly installments by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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This interface gained so much popularity.

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