5 Surefire Ways to Avoid Scams and Fake Electric Scooters

It’s that special time of the year, again! And for sure, you’re making your list, saving up for a special gift for that special someone, or for yourself. Well, why not? It’s October and you’re already decided in your mind what gift to give, and what gift you want to get, for yourself in time for the Yuletide Season.

One of the coolest gifts you can buy – as part of your bucket list this Christmas is an electric scooter. Functional, practical, valuable, an original brand — that’s what you had in mind, so it will last for a long time.  

As usual, this is the time of the year when rascals, those frauds, bogus and fake sellers will do their utmost greedy best to score a hit and scam you – to make you part with your hard-earned money during the holidays.  

One example, there are some spurious electric scooter companies that either import a base model and then add their components or buy cheap parts and then assemble the product to appear it is their own brand. There are others that simply buy an Asian-made OEM electric scooter and sell it under a well-known name. Scheming entrepreneurs buy an unlabeled electric scooter, add cheap accessories, and sell it off as an ‘original’. 

Did you know that rebranded electric scooters are sold at a cheap price? As such, the quality is inconsistent or defective because they never go through any quality control. These types of electric scooters don’t have the local support of the legitimate manufacturer because it’s sourced directly from a factory operating illegally. 

These fake electric scooters are so easy to spot because they’re listed in the so-called black market or street marketplaces. Problems are sure to balloon when you buy from fraudelent sellers who sell you an imitation brand that capitalizes on the popularity of another well-known brand. Worse, you’re solely responsible for any defect or flaws that come with the unit. 

Now that you know, would you still be willing to take the risk? How can you be sure you’re buying an original electric scooter? 

1. Buy local. While it’s tempting to buy online when you see the prices, many clones and re-brands disappear and reappear every day. Often, the shipping cost is almost the same as the retail price of the scooter sold online. Better to buy from your local electric scooter retail shop that guarantees great after-sales service, and where warranty is not waived. 

2. Research, research, research. If you want to be sure that you’re getting a premium quality electric scooter, do your research. Make a shortlist, and test drive. Only trust credible reviews that are legitimate and a good resource for finding out if an electric scooter is a knock-off because there are a number of forums for new and experienced riders. You can also visit: to get to know more about Mearth, a top-tier, premium and high-performing electric scooter brand that’s well-loved in Australia.

3. Don’t compromise, buy from a reputable reseller. There are reputable e-commerce shops such as Ride Hub that have requirements in place to ensure that the products they list on their site are legitimate. Don’t skip –always, always read the fine print. Make sure to check if the store, whether it’s physical or online, is an official distributor or partner of name brand you’re eyeing to buy.  

4. Validate the electric scooter brand’s authenticity. One popular electric scooter brand like MEARTH is aware that there will be a knock-off models ‘floating’ around somewhere in flea fairs. So you need to check for comparison guides that point the inconsistencies between the original and the phony. One way to verify is through its serial number. MEARTH has a special code that helps to ensure customers, for example, that the MEARTH RS long-range electric scooter they are buying is an original.  

5. Be wary of doubtful, ambiguous reviews. E-commerce sites are flooded with fake reviews. It’s easy for sellers to make their own reviews or hire content creators to make them. Again, it is easy to check if the review is a falsy. Middle-of-road reviews that enumerate the good points and not-so-good points are more honest. Reviews that garner just one or six high ratings, it is sure to be rigged. 

Ultimately, it is your choice where to spend your stash – your hard-earned money. Make sure the electric scooter has the features you need, provide unbiased and good reviews, and give that important warranty in case of unexpected. It matters that the brand has a proven track record of support, maintenance and good after-sales service. In the end, the logo tells much about product quality and performance. And that says a lot! 

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