6 Clever Ways to Make the Most of a Small Dining Room

Using corner for storage and as well as a small buffet

Instead of an end table, use a small sideboard to hold the buffet. By making use of all sides of this room it helps to keep things uncluttered. Make sure to place the sideboard at the wall intersection so that there is enough space for people walking through and around it. The size will allow you to store items needed to be used often in the dining area such as utensils and napkins while also providing extra seating when you need it.

Another alternative would be using a corner unit instead which has many options available, some with wheels so they can easily move if necessary or closed off so that little ones cannot get into them.

A round dining table

With a smaller room the most logical choice would be a square or rectangle dining set. With a round table you can make use of every corner and still have seating for everyone comfortably. The seating arrangement will not be traditional, but it will allow people to have more freedom when they come into eat.

Built in banquette seating

An alternative that actually makes sense is to build in bench seating with backs on either side along one of the walls. This allows guests to sit with their backs against something solid which makes them feel safer. Make sure this space has enough lighting so that people can see where they are going otherwise it could result in an accident or two! If your little ones are still really young, consider putting up a wall to section it off since this will allow you to move the bunks in and out when needed.

If there exists a space between two luxury modern classic living room, consider creating a built in banquette with lots of storage underneath for extra seating and/or storage. Doing so would help fill up any empty spaces that might otherwise be wasted. The benches themselves should have backs on them unless you want someone walking by to see what is stored under each bench!

A buffet or sideboard used as a bar area

This area can easily add some much need character to your dining room. Which makes people relax even more while eating enjoying their food. It also makes for more conversation about what the different bottles are holding inside which means probably won’t be leaving too soon.

Remember to keep in mind what type of lighting you will be using in this area. So that it is more inviting, especially if your dining room does not get a lot of sunlight. Can lights are great for adding ambiance after the sun goes down while uplights are extremely beneficial. When placed underneath something else like a cabinet or buffet. Where the light reflects off the bottom of whatever is being used to give an appealing glow.

Colored glass on cabinets

Replace some or all of your existing cabinet doors with new ones made of colored glass. A dark tinted frosted glass can make it look darker but also deeper inside. Which makes everything appear larger than it actually is while crystal clear glass gives everything. A more contemporary appeal and provides better contrast for the rest of the room.

A chandelier in a small dining room

A chandelier in a small space is a good choice because it not only helps cover up. Any holes but also puts light where you need it most from above to avoid shadows. When you are trying to use your table setting. The size of this item will add elegance and make everything stand out more. Which can really help when there is no much natural lighting in the area. Putting candles around the room will give. Off just enough additional light without taking away from anything that might already be going on inside.

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