7 Tips on How to Overcome Test Anxiety in College

Say Goodbye to Test Anxiety with These 7 Tips

There is an important upcoming test. You have been studying hard for the past few weeks and are well-prepared for it. However, your mind goes blank as soon as you walk into the class on D-day. With the question paper in your hands, you sit down and feel a pit in your stomach. You have sweaty hands and a strong need to vomit. You can also have a recurring nightmare about taking a test.

Can you relate to such a situation?

If yes, you suffer from test anxiety as these are some tell-tale signs of test anxiety. Your test scores and overall grades are not a true reflection of your abilities if you suffer from test anxiety. Many college students suffer from test anxiety and cannot perform well on their tests. They feel helpless, and it reflects on their grades.

It is important to address the situation if you suffer from test anxiety. There are many ways you can manage your anxiety before and during an exam. In this blog, you will learn some of the best tips to manage and overcome test anxiety in college.

What Is Test Anxiety?

Feeling a little nervous before appearing for a test is completely normal. However, some college students face debilitating levels of test anxiety. They cannot concentrate on the questions, their thoughts are all here and there, and constant feelings of dread take them over. Self-doubt overshadows their judgment and makes them miserable. It affects their performance in the test. In addition, there are also physical signs of test anxiety such as headache, nausea, or a fast heartbeat. Test anxiety can put weeks and months of hard work down the drain. Therefore, you should find ways to overcome it.

Causes of Test Anxiety

Some of the most common causes of test anxiety include

  • Being ill-prepared for the test
  • Fear of failure
  • Bad experience taking tests in the past
  • Not getting enough sleep

Test Anxiety Tips

Here are some ways students can manage their test anxiety.

Be Well-Prepared for the Test

Yes, this is very obvious. You have heard it a lot of times. But it is something one cannot stress enough. You will walk into the test hall more confidently if you are well-prepared for the test. Practice and practice until you are confident there is nothing more you can do. You can always ask for help from your seniors or classmates if you don’t understand something.

1.      Sleep Well

Cramming the night before the test or pulling an all-nighter is not the right way to take a test. It will only exacerbate your nerves and make you more nervous on the day of the test. Taking adequate rest and sleeping well the night before the exam helps you stay focused and relaxed when appearing for the test. Your mind and body need rest which is only possible if you take proper rest and don’t overwork your mind.

2.      Reach Your Class Early

Don’t be late for the test or reach there last minute. It will only add to the anxiety and make you nervous. You are already stressed about the test, and being late will make it worse. Therefore, make sure you pack everything you need for the test the night before. Set the alarm and wake up early. Have a hearty and nutritious breakfast. Pack some healthy snacks in case you need them during the test. And make sure you get out of the door on time.

3.      Read the Direction Carefully

The first step to acing a test is to read the directions carefully. Also, take a look at the marks allocation. The directions to attempt the paper and marks allocation are there for a reason. They clearly tell you what is expected of you and how much effort you need to put into each answer. Therefore, take some time to read them carefully to attempt the paper correctly. Finding out later your essay is off-target or realizing you do not need to find the value of ‘x’ will worsen your anxiety. Slow down, take a deep breath, read directions, and start the test.

4.      Just Start the Test

Your anxiety will go through the roof staring at a blank page. Therefore, dive right into the first question once you have read the directions. The best way is to start with the questions you know you will ace. This will help build your momentum and confidence. Then, get the ball rolling with a few quick answers. Of course, you can always come back and change things if needed. However, just sitting there thinking about answering a difficult question at the start of the paper will make matters worse.

5.      Keep a Check on Time

Taking too much time on one question and not having enough for others can add to the anxiety. Soon you realise you have run out of time with still many questions to answer. This will make it hard to do anything in those final moments of the test. Therefore, it is important to allocate time to each section and try your best to finish it in time. It is best to have some extra time, in the end, to recheck the paper and make corrections if needed.

6.      Focus Only on Yourself

You are struggling to answer a question. You raise your head and see everyone else scribbling away at full speed. No one else seems tense. What is it they know, and you don’t? These thoughts only increase your anxiety. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their pace and way of attempting a test. Forget about what others are doing and only pay attention to your test.

7.      Relax after the Test

Relax and take a deep breath. You have completed the test and deserve a pat on the back. Push away any negative thoughts, and don’t think too much about what you could have done better. Remember, it is just a test. It will not ruin your entire academic career. Just don’t worry too much about it.

These were some helpful tips on managing test anxiety. Most college students have a packed schedule. With so many pending assignments to submit and deadlines to meet, it becomes difficult to find ample time to prepare for the test. If you wonder if someone can do my assignment for me, you will be happy to know about assignment help services. You can find many assignment writing service UK to assist you with your assignments. You can use the extra time to prepare for your test to reduce test anxiety on the final day.


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