7 Ways to Keep the Academy Running Smoothly

Running a school is hard work. One of the most important jobs of any principal, superintendent, or education leader is to create an environment in the Academy where students are challenged and supported in everything they do. But these leaders can’t do it alone! They need teachers who are qualified to teach all subjects at every grade level; administrators who can provide support when needed; janitors and security guards who keep things clean and safe; secretaries who handle the administrative side of things–the list goes on. It’s not easy work, but without them, your school wouldn’t be able to run smoothly!  That’s why it’s important to do your best as a principal or superintendent to keep these staff members happy and motivated to continue working for you.

Here are seven ways to help the people who work under you stay committed and hard-working:

1. Pay them well

This might seem obvious, but it’s not always the case! Many school leaders neglect to pay their teachers, secretaries, and other staff members a competitive salary. However, it is important that your employees feel as though they are compensated fairly for the work that they do at the Academy for you and your students. One study showed that teachers who are compensated fairly are 70% more likely to feel satisfied in their job, which is something you definitely want–because if they’re not happy, they won’t be doing good work.

2. Foster a healthy environment

You’ve probably heard this before–this isn’t an original idea! But it’s true: A positive work environment can have a huge impact on your employee’s productivity and happiness at work. Try taking some of these steps to help create that kind of environment:

  1. Establish office etiquette (e.g., dress codes).
  2. Schedule fun events or activities during non-work hours (e.g., cookouts, company outings) where staff members can get together and socialize outside of a formal setting.
  3. Encourage a work/life balance so that they can take a break from their busy schedules and relax for a bit!

3. Ensure there is open communication between you and your employees

Every teacher, administrator, secretary–every person who works for you at the Academy–wants to feel like their voice is heard by the people that are in charge of them. A lack of communication could lead to frustration or boredom on the part of your workers; it could also lead to bad decisions being made if they’re not communicating with each other effectively either. So always make time for your staff members; listen to what they have to say about how things are running at school or any suggestions they have (even if you don’t ultimately take them under consideration).

4. Provide opportunities for growth and development

Giving your employees the opportunity to grow and learn new things is a great way to help keep them committed and engaged at work. New knowledge and skills can make it more interesting (and possibly even fun) to come to work every day! So if you have an opening in your school, try filling it with an employee who wants to expand their horizons by learning something new–they’ll be happier, more productive, and you’ll get someone else that’s ready to dedicate themselves fully to helping your school succeed.

5. Give constructive criticism when necessary

You want everyone on your staff to know what they’re doing well…but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also give them criticism when they’re not doing as well as you want them to be. Letting someone know that there is room for improvement can help guide them towards being a better employee in the future at the Academy, which benefits everyone!

So next time your secretary spills coffee all over the office, let her know–but also mention that you appreciate how hard she works.

6. Reward hard work and good behavior!

Everyone loves getting rewarded for their efforts, whether it’s with a promotion or bonus of some kind. But rewards don’t only have to come in the form of financial incentives; you could also give employees an award for outstanding performance at work every now and then! You can even make up your own awards to personalize them (e.g., star employee on Friday, most improved). Just remember All people like praise! So take the time to recognize your workers when they do something great. Makes everyone feel better about themselves and their work!

7. Be flexible and willing to help when necessary

Sometimes employees get overwhelmed or need a little bit of extra support–and that’s okay! We all do from time to time. So try your best to be understanding and supportive rather than getting frustrated if they’re having trouble meeting expectations right away; having patience with them will pay off in the long run, because you’ll get an even better employee who is ready and willing to accomplish some great things at school!

In Conclusion:

Running an academy can be a lot of work, but following these seven tips will help keep your school running smoothly. Paying your employees well and creating a healthy environment are two of the most important things you can do to show your staff that you appreciate their hard work. Providing opportunities for growth and development helps ensure that your employees at the Academy feel like they are part of something bigger, while constructive criticism lets them know that you care about their professional development. Rewarding good behavior is also essential in any workplace, and being flexible when necessary shows that you care about your employees’ wellbeing.

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