Best Add-on That You Can Pick For Your Custom Tie Boxes 

The tie is not only the cloth that men and women wear on the neck. It provides the confidence to make their personality bold to speak powerfully. Add to this; ties have particular places for the professional dress coats. In markets, multiple trends of ties are commonly available as per the demand and liking of your end-users. Some people love to wear bow neckties, and some choose blazer ties.

 Mostly these ties can construct with cotton, linen, silk, polyester, wool, and knit fabrics. But these ties need to pack in some extraordinary and quality packaging boxes. So, brands use custom tie boxes to pack their ties for various reasons. Let see why these brands choose a customized solution for your tie packaging. 

Why Are Custom Tie Boxes Best for Your Brand?

Customization yields the option to find all the aspects according to your product’s demand and your budget. Multiple packaging options are popular in the industry, but they are not affordable for every tie manufacturer. So, you have the option to pick all things like material, style, designs, printing information, and many other chunks according to your desires for custom tie boxes. Here are some benefits of these boxes that you can get for your brand. 

  • Branding 
  • Marketing
  • Attractiveness 
  • Protection 

Now it’s time for the best add-on that makes your products boxes spellbinding for your audiences and their role for your brand. 

Window Cuts-Outs to Provide Visibility of Product

Our first option is to choose window cuts outs for your tie die-cut boxes. The use of window insertion serves two major purposes to maintain your brand quality. Firstly, custom tie packaging boxes with windows provide the visibility of your products for your target audiences. Secondly, the use of window cut-outs on the top side of boxes makes them engaging to increase customer ratio. Thirdly, it protects your products from moisture and dust with incredible beautification. So, you can pick single sided-window and double-sided windows for your boxes as per your choice. 

Foil Stamping –To Give Shiny Look 

Now it’s time to make your tie box packaging shiny and shimmery touch for your target audiences. Sometimes brands choose fully-metalized boxes to pack their ties, but it becomes expensive for the brand. So, foil stamping is the perfect choice for your target audiences and you. Foil stamping is done by two methods that are mentioned below for you.

  • Hot foil stamping 
  • Cold foil stamping 

Procedures of both types are different, but they can do on the particular and smaller part of the box surface. You can choose any foil stamping color for your brand from the mentioned shades. 

  • Gunmetal 
  • Bronze 
  • Turquoise 
  • Bronze 
  • Copper 
  • Burgundy 
  • Rose gold 
  • Silver 
  • Gold 

Embossing- To Offer Raised Effect 

After foil stamping, you can use an embossing effect on your tie boxes to make them a decent look to represent your brand in the industry. Embossing give raised and upraised look to the specific part of your box surface. Likewise, you can use for logo, products name, and EST date on your tie boxes. Well, it enhances the beautification of your products if you can apply it to your necktie gift boxes. Also, embossing effects are available in the industry for you that are mentioned explain. 

  • Blind embossing 
  • Registered Embossing 
  • UV coating embossing 

Debossing- To Provide Sunken Touch 

The debossing effect is opposite to the embossing effect, but it also makes your tie boxes more fascinating. It gives the sunken, depth, and recessed touch to your design that you print on type printed tie packaging boxes. Similar to embossing, debossing is also used to place brand name, logo and provide the depth of your design that you want to highlight. It is also done by using without any ink color and foiling. Without ink, debossing is called blind debossing and gives a sophisticated look to your tie boxes. 

Magnetic Lid Facility to Make Opulent Tie Boxes 

The next choice is to use magnetic lids in tie boxes to make them plentiful in the industry. Magnetic lid 1-pieces boxes are perfect for packing their ties, and it is best to work as storage tie boxes for a long time. However, using a magnet in the closure of tie boxes becomes costly for you, but it enhances the value of your ties and makes your brand reputation in the industry. You can also use flip-top magnetic lid boxes to make your tie boxes catchier. 

Insertion of Hemp Rope in Handle Tie Boxes 

The touch of eco-friendly solutions increases the value of your brand in the industry, and mostly who lobe nature compels them to buy your products. So, you can use hemp rope that is biodegradable and environment-friendly as well as escalates the esthetic of your tie box. So, you can choose hemp rope for your tie handle boxes instead of plastic handles or ribbons. Also, you can choose these options for custom neckties with no minimum range according to your desire at competitive prices. 

Matte Coating- to Give Velvety Look to Your Tie Box 

Do you want to see your tie boxes waxy and velvety? Then pick matte coating to give them waxy touch. Basically, matte is the smooth surface and free from any kind of shiny and glossy touch and having the granular touch to your product’s box. So, it’s all up to you what you really want for your tie packaging boxes. On the other hand, you discuss with your custom tie boxes manufacturer to suggest the best coating for your boxes to increase their value in the industry. 

Spot UV Coating- To give Glossy Touch to the Particular Area 

Spot UV coating is popular to make the specific part of your boxes to make them excellent and enticing for your users. In this coating, packaging manufacturers use glossy UV coating on the particular part of the box to discriminate it from the rest of the box area. Sometimes brands use spot UV coating with embossing for logo, brand name, and other printing text that look attractive for your users. 

Personalized Notes and Inserts to Provide Value to Your Customers 

The addition of personalized inserts offers value to your customers and helps you build a large customer base. Add to this; brands print taglines, wishes, and cards inside the box. So, for printing information, brands use embossing, gold foil, and debossing that fit in their budget. Moreover, these cards contain mate and UV coating to give a glossy and waxy touch that your customers like. 

Apart from this, you can use ribbons, tie cloth price, nets, buttons, and more embellishments options to make up to the mark tie packaging boxes. However, tie clothes explain the products that are waiting for you inside the box. 

Concluding the Above Discussion

So, the discussion mentioned above explains the best additional add-ons that take some more investment but make your boxes outstanding. Custom tie boxes with additional add-ons are one of the excellent choices to make them most demanded by your target audiences. Therefore, you could pick foil stamping, embossing, debossing, UV coatings, hemp handle, matte coating, and an aqueous coating for tie packaging boxes. Now it is all up to you to finalize the right options that make your product’s packaging alluring and easily fit in your packaging boxes. 


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