Best Hidden Camping Sites Near Mumbai

Living always be surrounded by the people and then a crowded city like Mumbai who doesn’t want a solace in between? One will always need a little break from this hectic and exhaustive lifestyle. Then this place is adjoined by many campsites nearby. A quick getaway will refresh your body and soul. Which is much needed for any Mumbaikar person. Here is the list of a few best-hidden camping sites near hustle bustle city Mumbai. All these campsites are not very crowded, so it will be a very relaxed experience nearby the city.

  • Camp Khopoli

For those who want to do some soul searching and want a little bit of solitude for them, Khopoli is the best destination for camping. Just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai and you will reach nature’s lap. There is fare share of mountains and rivers at the campsite. Experience this pollution-free place where you will get a good amount of pure oxygen. Enjoy the stay under the zillions stars at night. 

  • Camp Karnala

A very short journey from Mumbai, just 1.5 hours, this campsite of Karnala offers a surreal morning with the sound of chirping birds in the background. There is a Karnala bird sanctuary nearby, those who have that interest in photography and ornithology are a must-visit place.

  • Karjat Glamp Camp

Located in the heart of Karjat, this campsite offers not only regular camping but one can experience trendy glamping. This Karjat Glamp Camp property is located in a 21-acre area that is surrounded by lakes. Not only tents but here you can experience cottage style stay also.

. Camp at Pali

Here at the campsite from normal cozy tents to well-furnished containers are also available. This campsite is good for pet lovers because it’s pet friendly too. This place is blessed with nature and also one can experience many activities like the range of outdoor sports, swimming pool, rifle shooting, archery, badminton, and cricket.

. Camp Vasind

This camping getaway is near the river where you can have a night camping with a bonfire. Enjoy the surreal morning with sunrise with a hot mug of coffee. Take your pet with you and enjoy the peaceful fishing nearby river.

. Galamping at Sahyadri Hills

Once a barren land in Sahyadri ranges now converted into a beautiful dense forest with the help of horticulture and environmentalists. In this property, there are 11 sky rooms and seven luxury tents. Nowadays there is glamour for camping that’s why this site is a must-try for a unique experience of glamping.

. Firefly Exotic Camp

Completely unique experience with a natural show of glittering fireflies. It is a jungle campsite situated nearby which is a completely unexplored area. This remotely located place is worth visiting nearby Mumbai. At night the fireflies will fly on the trees enjoy catching them and leave behind all your worries.

. Raigad Nature Retreat

Situated at the foothills of Lonavala, this is a spectacular place near Raigad. One can plan a trek early in the morning to the Raigad fort. Experience the stary night and surreal sunset in the morning. Have barbeque sessions with family and friends. 

. Camp Kolad

This campsite is definitely a must-go for adventure lovers. Who doesn’t want that adrenalin rush while doing river rafting? Besides its quiet and serene campsite near Mumbai. This campsite experience connects to your mind body and soul.

. Shirota Lakeside Camp

This one really an offbeat location near Mumbai, one can have a nice and peaceful morning near a lakeside and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening. To reach Shirota lakeside camp one must reach through dense forest. . One who is a nature lover would like to visit this place again and again.

These are the several options one can explore near Mumbai city. One must often go for a camping experience instead of having a 5-star experience in the hotels. This near-to-nature experience will give you calmness and tranquility which you may have lost in a crowded city like Mumbai. To reconnect with that mind body and soul visit these campsites with your loved ones. Book your campsite prior in advance for a good deal.

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