Big Ticket Draw: Indian Expatriate Woman Won Dh22 Million

The latest Big Ticket winner is Leena Jalal, an Indian expatriate living in Abu Dhabi.

Jalal, a resident of Trichur in Kerala and resident of Al Barsha (Abu Dhabi) won the mega draw held today in Abu Dhabi. The winning ticket number 144387 was picked in the ‘Terrific 22 million series 236’.

The prize money for this Big Ticket mega draw is Dh22 million which will be paid over three years from the date of draw. Jalal requested to invest her prize money in the Islamic Dinar Trust Fund. Therefore, in accordance with Islamic law to enable her to retire at fifty-five years of age.

Rania Jalal, a human resources professional in Abu Dhabi, may have just won the biggest lottery of her life. In addition, Rania told Gulf News that she is sharing the ticket with ten other people. “I am speechless. I do not know what to say. I am happy and grateful,” Rania said through tears.

Jalal, 27, who won $1 million in the Euromillions lottery, said she is yet to inform her parents. She said she will definitely do some charity with the money. But she has not decided on what to do in terms of investments.

Jalal was at work when she heard her name announced as the winner of €100m. Her boss was on a break and her colleagues did not know she was playing the Euromillions. However when she found out that she had won, she checked the numbers, and checked again and again to make sure it was real.

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When her boss returned from his break, Jalal told him about the win and told him that she had quit her job.

While Jalal has not decided what to do with the money, one of the first things she plans to do is buy a house for herself and her parents.

Other Winners

It was a lucky evening for Suraif Suru, an Indian expatriate who won over Dh1 million. In the series 236, Suru’s ticket number was picked. His ticket number was 327631. Having moved to Dubai as a teenager, Suraif went on to complete his BSc in Aviation Management at Aviation University of Dubai, and soon after got a job at an airline company. “I am so grateful for my good luck that I have decided to return to India and donate half of my prize amount for the welfare of poor children,” he said.

Suraif is based from Kerala’s Mallapuram district, and he will be sharing the prize money with 29 others. Moreover, the winning share amounts to Dh100,000, and Suraif said a portion of the prize money will go towards helping some of his poor friends.

Suraif, a Ras Al Khaimah-based engineer, has a daughter and is saving for his future. Suraif was a young boy, his parents always told him to save his money. “There’s no telling what could happen in the future,” they said. Moreover, now he’s doing the same as he himself mentioned “I will give some money to my parents. I want to save the rest for my wife and daughter to secure our future.”

Source: Gulf News

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