Can I assign someone to take my course for me?

We all have been through that time when the workload of homework is unbearable. At times, it feels that all that is left in education is about writing essays and assignments, knowledge and learning feel a little left out. Teachers give us plenty of homework just to keep us busy. Sometimes the amount of work we have from a subject is not even a major, while other times it’s not graded. To find work and personal life balance in this chaos looks like a miracle. To share this immense load you can assign someone to take my course for me.

The increase in competition and amount of courses, whether it is assignments, projects, reports, essays, and everything takes a huge toll on social life. As students, they always look for other options to make their lives easy. Here comes the advantage of a tech-savvy world where you can hire and pay someone else to do your course work.

A lot of people turned this opportunity into business and now there is a world of freelancing and academic writing. Let’s be honest, we all know the pressure and amount of courses and homework we get whether we are students of high school, college, or from university. Students find it easier to hire someone rather than doing it themselves because nowadays, many of them have part-time jobs or own their small businesses and if this is not enough they focus more on life learning skills that will help in the long term.

Legal or illegal?

There is an online debate and mixed reaction about academic writing. Some find it really helpful and others think it is ethically wrong to not do your own course. However, it is legal and the debate is about the opinions, belief system, and perspective in general. Because some people have the capability to cope through time and skill, some may need a little push or help. Other times course work is completely unnecessary but it needs to be done anyways. And to separate this in terms of priority you can easily hire someone to take my course for me.

There are a few things that are illegal and might count in cheating, and plagiarism is one of them. You cannot and should not copy someone’s work and present it as your own, this is morally and ethically wrong. Universities and professors do not approve such assignments. You will face consequences in this regard.

It is a law of nature if it is good, there will always be bad. Let’s consider the pros and the cons of hiring someone else to take your course:


  1. The ultimate plus of hiring an expert to take my course for me will be about the grades. I mean if an expert is doing your work the amount of error and mistake chances are near to zero. So, top-notch grades are obvious.
  2. Academic writers and online service providers are the experts, eventually, you will obtain quality help.
  3. Students who are unable to clear or pass through the assignments or reports will get a chance to clear them and become a graduate.
  4. You will get timely assistance and timely delivery, meeting all the deadlines.
  5. Students will find a balance between social life and work life.
  6. Everyone would have a partner to share a workload with.
  7. There will be more time to prioritize and focus on important tasks.
  8. You can learn a new skill.
  9. You can also learn or resume an old hobby.
  10. Students who have part-time jobs there will be less load on their shoulders.
  11. Nonetheless, the amount of stress and exhaustion you have to meet the deadline will vanish into a thin air.


  1. Many students find this unfair. It will never be equal from a person who did all of the work and have command over it, from the person who paid and another individual who did their homework.
  2. In some institutes, this might considered as cheating.
  3. You might get plagiarized content. If caught, it will cost you heavy and will suffer from serious consequences.
  4. Let’s be fair, we don’t overlook and practice work that is already done. In that case, students rarely go through and practice their assigned homework.
  5. There will be some scammers. Online opportunities have free access to everyone, so do fraudulent activities.
  6. Prices can be high. The range of affordability can vary from person to person. It might not fall into your budget or else you have to use your savings.
  7. Work does not speak for your original and true thoughts.

What are the best websites to hire someone to take my course for me?

There are plenty of websites and platforms that provide the services of academic writing and homework, online courses or assignment help.

To name a few;

  • Fiverr
  • Do exams for me
  • Upwork

Is it worth paying?

Nobody is going to take your course and assignment for free. There will always be a payback to any service or task you ask from someone else. But if you ask is it worth it? I would say yes! If you are juggling many tasks and if the least one is the important one, you should have a helping hand to get it done.

The final verdict:

There is no such thing as course work should be done solely by you. And hiring someone does not prove or guarantee anything, until or unless you do your research. There is a certain amount of risk in paying someone to take my course for me and sure has its cons and consequences. But if you are in desperate need for help, there are and there always will be multiple options, websites, and platforms to take services from.

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