Cancel the anti-malware service anytime and get back refund

Anti-malware is one of the necessary programs for your system. People install an antivirus to keep the system secured from hackers and various other threats. Using anti-malware will ensure that users can work on the system reliably without any concerns. In the free antivirus plans, users can run the scan for removing all the viruses. Some freeware programs also offer data optimization tools such as junk cleaner and RAM booster. But using freeware won’t protect the data and device from internet threats and other malware.

Users can install the paid antivirus software to get more features. These paid plans offer advanced features such as firewall, VPN, password manager, parental control, browser protection. Users can purchase the plan and then install it on the system. Run the tools and check for their reliability. In case, you don’t like the antivirus features then cancel the subscription and get your refund.

How to get your refund on anti-malware?

When a user doesn’t want to use the antivirus on the system anymore he can cancel the subscription. Users can follow the mentioned steps to refund McAfee:

  • Go to the web and search for McAfee
  • Login to McAfee antivirus account
  • Go to My Info page
  • Tap on the subscription window
  • Choose your McAfee plan and hit the Cancel button
  • Select Yes on the McAfee confirmation window

Now open your registered email for McAfee cancel confirmation. Now, contact the McAfee team and ask for a refund. Users may need to fill in a few account details for the refund. After inspecting the details, you will get your refund on the bank account. After canceling the subscription, you can use its premium tools till the expiry date.

Why do you need to cancel the subscription?


Antivirus is not compatible with the system

Many times, users mistakenly purchase the antivirus which is not compatible with the PC. If the system is unable to fulfill the resource requirements of the setup then you can’t use it. In case, the user has purchased the plan and it’s not installed then he has to cancel it. But the user must check the canceling and refund policy of the security software. Some plans offer a 15 days refund policy whereas antivirus like McAfee has a 60-days policy. If your plan is under the refund policy then go to the account and cancel the subscription. Fill the refund form and enter the details. Once you get the refund, check for the compatible antivirus plan for the system.

The user doesn’t want to get the plan auto-renewed

Many paid antivirus has the auto-renewal feature. When you purchase the setup from the online store; you have to enter the banking details. Users can access the tools for a year. After the license expires, users cannot use the antivirus. To prevent that situation, the auto-renewal service renews the plan before the expiry date.

The renewal payment will be done on the banking account which the user has provided while purchasing the plan. But many users don’t like the auto-renewal feature. If you don’t want the auto-renewal then you have to cancel before the plan gets renewed. Go to the subscription page and cancel the auto-renewal mode. Some people think that if they cancel the plan before the expiry then their remaining days on subscription will get suspended.

No, you can use your antivirus until the expiry date even after canceling the auto-renewal feature. When you get expired, you can either uninstall it or renew the plan manually. You don’t have to renew it immediately. The user can renew his expired antivirus plan whenever he wants.

Users antivirus plan gets auto-renewed

When the user forgets to cancel the auto-renewal subscription; the plan will get renewed before the expiry. If you don’t need the antivirus then you can cancel the subscription. But you must cancel it within 30 days. After canceling the renewed plan, you can easily ask for your refund. If you have any queries regarding the refund then you can ask the technical team directly.

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