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Common Problems during the Moving Process

The moving process is not a child’s play. Managing the packing, loading, and unloading process is no fun. A majority of people are stressed on their moving day.

They pray that nothing goes wrong during the move. These people hire the best packers and movers, buy moving insurance, and manage their move perfectly.  Even then, some problems arise during the move.

Well, you can’t say that every moving process will go in the way it was planned. Some moving processes are frustrating and even lead you to stressful episodes. The people have to face a lot of problems during the relocation.

These problems can be of varied types. But they spoil your moving plans. As a result, your moving process gets delayed or failed.

It is good to understand these moving problems. Let’s see which things can go wrong during the move:-

Weather-Related Problems

Weather conditions play an important part in making your move successful. They are highly unpredictable. Adverse weather completely spoils your moving plan.

The weather changes very quickly. In some places, it is sunny in the morning but cold in the afternoon. So, you should always be ready to get surprised due to the weather changes.

Many weather conditions can spoil your move. Heavy rainfall, ice, snowfall, dense fog, and intense heat are some of the weather conditions.

So, the best thing is to keep these things in mind before moving. It would be good to check the weather forecast before leaving. If there is unfavorable weather outside, wait for a few hours.

Your Movers Don’t Show Up

You should be ready to expect the unexpected during your move. It might be that the movers you have hired won’t show up. There are many incidents of this kind in the past.

This leads to unwanted stress as you don’t know what to do next. This is one of the major problems people face while moving.

Make sure to choose the best packers and movers in Kolkata for the move to avoid this problem. Also, don’t forget to get a moving contract. This can save you from unwanted problems on the moving day.

You can also remind your movers about the moving date. If you do this, your moving plan will go exactly as per your planning.

Also, make sure to provide the right home address to your mover. If your packers and movers don’t show up on the moving day, contact the company’s representative.

Property Damage

Many people face the problem of property damage during the move. They want their old property to be intact while moving out.

If they were in a rented house, they want no damage to that property. In case of any damage, they face problems in getting their security deposit back.

If it is their own house, it will be problematic for them to sell it off. Some movers don’t accomplish their tasks carefully.

They drop any heavy item on your floor. There may be a dent on your walls. In these cases, you need to repair all these damages.  And that is very time-consuming.

Make sure to wrap banisters, remove paintings, and install corner guards to avoid these damages. Also, don’t forget to use the right moving tools while moving.

Unavailability of the Parking Space

What would you do if there is no parking space for your moving truck? In these circumstances, you need to wait longer and pay extra charges.

The movers will charge you for the extra labor required to carry your goods from your truck to your home.

To solve this problem, contact your mover before moving. If you discuss this problem with them, they will be able to solve it beforehand. Also, ask them if any extra charges you have to give the mover. Make sure to know how they calculate these charges.

Hiring Fraud Movers

A majority of people experience fraudulent activities on the part of their movers. These movers are functioning in the market illegally. This encourages them to commit fraud and exploit their customers.

They are functioning in the market with a single aim of extracting the customers’ money. So, you should be extra careful of the frauds done by them.

The fraud movers use many deceitful ways to get more money from you. These movers attract customers by giving them the best offer. But they are nowhere to find once they get their money.

A few movers demand more money on the moving day than the pre-decided amount. They also steal your expensive items and never deliver them.

Many customers complain that their mover doesn’t deliver their belongings and want more money to deliver them. So, if you want to make yourselves safe from these movers, hire them carefully.

Do thorough background research on them and check whether they are licensed or not. Also, check if there are any reports against these movers.

This way you will hope to find good packers and movers that may offer you the best moving services.

Traffic-Related Problems

Traffic also plays a pivotal role in your overall moving process. If there is a heavy rush on the road, your moving gets delayed.

Sometimes, there are continuous traffic jams on the roads. These jams make your move more stressful.

One of the greater risks involved while moving is any accident that may happen on the road. If your moving truck has an accident, you may lose your belongings or damage them.

If there is a big accident, your goods will be transferred to another moving vehicle. In such cases, they get damaged or lost in between.

There may be instances where your moving truck stops in the middle. It breaks down in the middle of the road. So, you’ll have to wait for another vehicle to transport your items. This may result in any damage to your precious articles.

Opting For the DIY Move

One of the mistakes people do is not hiring a packers and movers company. This may have far-reaching effects. DIY moving seems to be a great option to save money. But in reality, it isn’t.

It is difficult to pack your article properly, load the truck, and buying the moving insurance, etc.

You don’t have the right skills to accomplish all these tasks properly. So, the best thing to do is to hire professional packers and movers in Lucknow for your moving task.


Now you get detailed knowledge about the problems arising during the move. If you don’t want these problems to disturb your move, then contact reliable packers and movers.

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