Every website has a domain authority score and a page authority score, both of which should be higher for better SEO ranking.

Domain Authority is a Moz score that predicts the ranking strength of websites or domains and can be used to determine your website’s ranking ability in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

The domain authority score ranges from 1 to 100; if a website has a higher domain authority score, the possibility of ranking higher in search engines increases.

The domain authority score reflects some of the changes in the website’s ranking at the top of search results. For example, if your website has a domain authority score of 90, it will rank higher in search engines than a website with a domain authority score of 60.

Because DA is not a ranking factor, it has no direct impact on SEO.

“Domain Authority is not a Google ranking factor and has no effect on the SERPs,” according to Moz.

To outperform the competition, you should concentrate on SEO rather than improving your Domain Authority (DA) score.


Improve Content – If your domain authority score is low, create the best and most unique content for your website. As the search engine recommends websites to users that have unique and better content, the website’s SEO ranking will improve.

Check link surpass – The DA scores of the websites to which you want to send links should be checked to determine how well they will rank in search results. If their websites have a higher DA, their links are more likely to raise the DA of your website.

Compare Analysis – Domain Authority can be used to compare the score of your website to the domains with which you compete in the SERP. When you discover that your domain’s score is lower than that of other websites, you must work on improving your domain’s or website’s performance in the search engine.

Verify Referring Websites – The only way to ensure the quality of a referring website is to look at its Domain Authority (DA) score.

Check that the websites that are sending links to your website are of high quality.


Using DA PA Checker, you can check the DA score and much more information about the websites. You can use DA PA Checker to check your website’s or domain’s DA score multiple times. is a website tool with an easy-to-use interface that anyone who wants to check the performance of domains can use.

Users can use this DA PA Checker on any device with any operating system, including PCs, laptops, computers, and tablets. Open this tool in any of the most recent browsers.

Users simply type or paste website links or domain URLs into the input box and click the Check DA button.


Domain Authority ranks the strength of websites or domains in the form of score numbers that demonstrate a website’s ability to rank in search engines. Check the DA score of your website using the DA PA Checker and also check the performance of other websites it is important to know the performance of your competitors. Improve the performance of your websites by optimizing them to rank higher in search engines than competitors.

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