Dubai: Some general things to know

Dubai is one of the cities that has experienced the greatest development in recent decades. Located about 200 kilometers north of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it has become one of the main luxury tourist destinations for many. However, a very high economic level is not necessary to visit this city.

Dubai is an open-minded, cosmopolitan and avant-garde city, a perfect place to get to know the Arab culture up close. In any case, there are some tips that you should take into account before taking Dubai Holidays.

Citizens of the European Union only need a passport, valid for six months after return, plus a residence permit that is delivered upon arrival at the airport, and is valid for one month. It’s getting to the airport, going through passport control, getting your visa and that’s it. You do not have to pay absolutely anything.

When entering Dubai, the main advice that we must take into account is that it is a Muslim country. Even so, it is a country with a very open mind about this, so much so that you can go to the beach in a bikini without any problem, and even in hotels and places frequented by Western tourists you can drink alcohol, or even eating during the time of Ramadan (it is not always like that). They do not reach far from the extremism of other countries, such as Morocco.

In any case, the dress code is restricted, let’s not go too far wearing very short skirts or go very bare. You will see how in many shopping centers and other places there are small descriptive signs on the doors that remind you to be respectful in this regard. In any case, not to draw too much attention…

Speaking of Ramadan… If you have to travel during this time, you have to adapt a little to the schedules, but it is not a problem. Stores and supermarkets are open to buy food, but not restaurants. After 7:00 p.m. is when everything returns to normal. If you plan to move around the city or go to the beach, you can buy water and other food in the shops.

The best time to travel to Dubai is in spring or autumn, especially between the months of December and March, since in summer the heat is suffocating, sometimes reaching 50 degrees, mainly due to the tremendous humidity that exists. In spring, or even earlier, temperatures hover around 20 degrees Celsius.

Dubai is a city where long trips are usually made. The best way to get around is the taxi, very cheap compared to the luxury of its streets, squares and buildings. Most taxi drivers use a meter, so rarely. You will have to agree on the price. Some people choose to rent a car, which is also recommended since the roads are very modern and driving is good.

You can also use the subway. The airport itself has a metro station, so if you are lucky enough to find a hotel near a metro station, much better. Public transport in Dubai is quite cheap for what we may be used to seeing in other countries.

Finally, if you want to visit the Burj Dubai, one of the great tourist icons of Dubai, it is best to book your ticket well in advance, at least even two weeks before the visit if you want to go at a certain time.

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