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Boost Leads and Sales with Facebook Ad Management

Facebook influences more than half of (52%) people’s purchases. Through this platform, you can market to leads and make advertisements for your followers and audience. Facebook ad management allows you to develop and run engaging ads that attract your audience.

In this article, you’ll learn the correct way of managing Facebook ads for your customers. It will help you provide good service while minimizing risk at the same time. 

How To Do Facebook Ad Management Correctly

If you want to manage ads correctly, you should use the Facebook tool called the Business Manager. It will enable people to invite guests to manage their page and advertisement accounts.

If you manage Facebook ads for a client of yours, you should ask them to ask invited as an advertiser to their business manager. You should also ask them to set up a business manager account before providing them with any Facebook ad management services

After they set up a business manager, they can start assigning individuals different roles for a variety of tasks like getting billing data, account management, modifying assets, and the like. 

The Business Manager is critical in the following scenarios:

  • When you require more than a single ad account for the clients, you cater to. You can make various ad accounts for businesses you serve and pay for them with separate payment methods.
  • You have to request access to ad accounts. Those having clients can ask for access to the ad accounts of the clients to become an advertiser.

How Your Clients Should Set up the Business Manager?

Your client is the one who will create a Business Manager, and so they are its owner. The very first requirement for them is to have a personal Facebook account. After that, they can follow this easy process given below.

  • Navigate to the Facebook Business Manager page and tap on the ‘Create Account’ button. 
  • Now, the client needs to type in their business name and email ID.
  • Next, they should add an ad account to the Business Manager. Once it’s added, the account gets shifted permanently to Business Manager.
  • To add another ad account, the client should navigate to ‘Business Settings,’ which is there in the Business Manager. Here, they must tap on ‘Accounts‘ followed by clicking ‘Add Accounts.’
  • They’ll view a dropdown menu having three options. One of the options will be to add a new account. They can then complete the remaining procedure. 
  • For adding people to Business Manager, the client should navigate to ‘Business Settings’ and tap ‘Add People.’
  • Next, they should enter the person’s email address who they wish to invite.
  • Now, the client should tap ‘Next‘ and choose the role they wish to assign. 
  • Ensure that they provide you access to the correct Facebook ad account and page. 

How to Start Creating Your Ad?

You need to follow certain steps to start creating your ad. They are given below.

  • Pick your goal – It entails what you desire to achieve with your ad campaign. It can be anything from increasing traffic, leads or earning more conversions.
  • Choose your target users – They are the ones who are highly interested in your services or products. In Facebook, you have the ability to set custom perimeters so you can reach out to your target audience at the right time.
  • Upload your creatives – You can make various kinds of ads, like videos, carousel ads, and photos. After making them, upload them to your Facebook Ads Manager account.
  • Create your ad copy – Now, you need to write the ad copy. Ensure that it gives useful information about your product to the user.
  • Set your bid – The bid amount is according to your ad placement and budget.
  • Finalize the details of the ad – It entails ad review for ensuring accurate placement, copy, and bid details.

Is Facebook Ad Management a Reasonable Alternative to Google’s Paid Search Ads?

The cost per interaction or CPI on Facebook is generally less than Bing or Google AdWords. Thus, if you are searching for a cost-efficient alternative to pay-per-click, you should definitely think of starting a Facebook ad management campaign


Facebook ads are also slightly inexpensive per click than Google ads. An enterprise in the apparel domain can pay as little as $0.45 per click on FB.

Suppose your ad campaign aims to expand brand recognition and enhance reach to a broader audience base. In that case, Facebook ads are the better choice. Also, for B2C businesses, Facebook ads work better than Google ads.

It’s especially true for those selling cheaper items as customers generally buy these products on an impulse after getting exposed to them for a short period. 


You can also attract top-of-the-funnel prospects through Facebook when you create strong ads on this platform. However, those new at Facebook advertising can get lost trying to get familiar with the intricacies of advertising and the costs. It’s here that you can benefit from seeking the assistance of reliable SEO Services.

Final Words

Throughout the Facebook ad management process, you will discover effective approaches for making ad creative, ad copies, and what kind of audience work the best.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach out to your target audience and widen your reach. But you must follow the right approach to get the maximum return.

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