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Finding a good dentist in Perth

Teeth are undoubtedly essential facial aspects, and maintaining good oral hygiene will immediately improve your dental health and confidence. Your general health and well-being depend on proper dental care, so when choosing a dentist, you want to pick one with years of experience. If you are searching for a dentist in Perth, you are spoiled for choice.

As per the data obtained from the Australian Dentists Directory, approximately 115 dental clinics in the Perth CBD are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. However, there are 18,061 registered dentists all across the nation, according to the 2019 data. In addition to the general dentists in the city, you can find a host of cosmetic dentists, paediatric dentists, orthodontists, and several nationally recognised experts who specialise in areas such as periodontics and oral surgery. 

Having such a large number of dental professionals in the city can make it quite challenging to find the one to take care of your teeth. So to help you with the same, here are a few tips to identify the top dentist to help you maintain your teeth’ beauty and health.

Seek out referrals

Asking your reliable contacts for suggestions is the first step you should take while looking for the top dentist in Perth. Your family, acquaintances, or dependable healthcare professionals may be able to recommend a trustworthy dentist. Also, you can examine their credentials and other necessary information after you have created a list. It will enable you to decide if they are the ideal dentist for your requirements. You can look for a dentist in your area by visiting the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia directory, which the University of Western Australia maintains.

Check out the dentist’s experience

The healthcare professionals you intend to choose must have relevant experience in treating their patients. If your dentist has a lot of experience treating different oral health issues, they’ll probably give you the care you need for your dental problem. A qualified dentist will have education and training in dental specialties, including endodontics and orthodontics. The top dentist in Australia should be skilled in handling dental phobia, particularly if you hate going in the chair.

Inquire about the services they offer

Depending on their current condition, your teeth may need to undergo several operations. It might involve orthodontic treatment, crown implants, or wisdom teeth removal. You don’t want to visit many dental offices to get everything done. Confirming that your potential dental office sees patients on the scheduled day of your appointment is also essential. The Western Australian government had mandated that residents of Perth and other states or cities call their neighbourhood general dentistry clinics to make an appointment before visiting after the pandemic.

Look for a Comfortable Waiting Area

While it’s not necessary, you may look for a dentist in Perth with a comfortable waiting space. You might have to spend several hours waiting for your turn at the dental clinic; if you don’t want to become restless while waiting, it is important to ensure that the waiting area at the dental clinic is relaxed and comfortable. Ask your dentist if there is a cap on the number of patients they see at once before making an appointment. Also, consider locating a clinic with kid-friendly services if you bring your child to an appointment.

The connection between oral health and overall health and well-being is quite apparent. Moreover, a person’s physical appearance and breath might suffer due to poor oral hygiene due to decaying teeth, cavities, stains, etc. So if you want to ensure good health, find a good dentist and visit regularly. 

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