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From Instagram to Pinterest, the social networks that are increasingly eCommerce

Social Ecommerce: can this be a trend for 2021? Who can say, but one point is certain: more and more, the platforms you usually use to share ideas and content are becoming tools for selling online. A concrete case? Instagram and Pinterest become decisive.

Or rather, a tool to bring your eCommerce to the attention of fans and followers. The reason that leads to thinking in these terms is simple: in both cases, we are talking about visual platforms.

I am referring to social networks that base everything, or almost everything, on photos and can easily support post / eCommerce card parallelism. Hence, each publication becomes a possible solution to increase profits bring potential customers to your conversion areas.

Instagram and Pinterest can be compared to two shop windows, but not only because they post photos. Indeed, in some cases, you cannot even insert links to the online shop: those who use Instagram know it well; the only solution is to do advertising. So, how is this relationship articulated?


  • One eCommerce and Pinterest, why is it important?
  • 2 Use Instagram to improve online sales
  • 3 Social eCommerce: what do you choose to sell?

Ecommerce and Pinterest, why is it important?

This is an essential point: you can use Pinterest to sell online. How? Of course, you can start by creating a business profile with all the benefits related to statistics. Plus, you can take advantage of one of the great benefits of merging microdata with content posted online.

I’m talking about Rich Pins, a way to contextualize extra information directly on a piece of content. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. Of course, you can use the latter solution. Why use these elements? Simple, they facilitate shopping.

They include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy your product. Regardless of the technical aspects, Pinterest is an example of creativity at the service of those who want to buy online. Pinterest helps people discover, see, and of course, take home what you need.

According to the interviewees of this research promoted by the social network in question, Pinterest is the platform that helps you feel more creative (73%) and inspired (68%). 61% of respondents said Pinterest is the place to find the best ideas. So why not include Pinterest in your social eCommerce strategy? But perhaps it is worth looking elsewhere as well.

The Pinterest example used to sell

A clear case of success: here is the Etsy bulletin board, the portal that allows you to sell your vintage jewelry and handmade products. To promote what is published (it is an online sales channel for artisans), there is also a  Pinterest channel curated in a maniacal way.

As you can see by browsing the individual pins, you can see that everything is studied in detail. There is extra information to contextualize the image, find the price, and the link to reach the product sheet. In short, this is a way to increase sales with social media.

Use Instagram to improve online sales.

Pinterest isn’t the only visual-based social network you can use to sell. There is also another tool you can use, and it is called Instagram. Do you already know him? It seems obvious to me it is one of the most common and used social platforms for working online and sharing content.

Many businesses use Instagram to promote their business online, to sell directly or indirectly. First, you can work on the brand and get the audience to identify with what you are promoting without forgetting that this platform has an advanced advertising system. Not surprisingly, this social network is owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

This means that it all leads back to Facebook ADS which is one of the best realities for pushing commercial content. Anyone with experience in this sector knows the strength of this ADV channel.

It’s not just this: if you want to use Instagram as social commerce, you can work differently. Especially by adding tags to products on posts and stories. To have this (interesting) possibility, you need to get a verified account for the shopping function.

Instagram example optimized for online shopping.

Do you want a good example of preparing the Instagram channel to sell online? There is an example to follow, and it is the one signed by that uses Like2Buy. Namely, an Instagram sales tool created by Curalate. Once you’ve created a Like2Buy profile, all you need to do is add links to your bio. How do you go to the website? No, an image gallery.

The link leads to a showcase of photos of the various products to browse through to make purchases. You can’t link to every tab, and you can’t even think that people are looking for the product seen on Instagram starting from the eCommerce home page. With this tool, just insert in each post the invitation to browse the link in the bio: here, there will be all the references to the chosen product.

Social commerce: what do you choose to sell?

It is not a question of choosing between two realities but of obtaining the maximum thanks to coordinated work. Today it is possible to use Pinterest and Instagram to improve the relationship with online sales, and not simply by posting photos with links but by using native functions designed for this. That is to integrate with an online sales system of saving bonds. Have you already started working like this?


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