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Furry Anti-stress: How Animals Help Us Cope With Bad Moods

To combat anxiety, people use different ways: do breathing exercises, listen to podcasts, bet at a bookmaker’s website instead of dealing with emotions, consult psychologists. But it turns out that the best thing in this situation is to pet a cat. Let’s find out how exactly fish, cats, and dogs calm us down, and why we shouldn’t run to the shelter for a new friend right now.

How Pets Help Cope With Anxiety

Urbanization, traffic, stress, and contact can negatively affect a person. And what heals us in the literal sense of the word are, of course, animals. First, these are the pets that directly surround us at home. The second are those with whom we can communicate, for example, on the street or with friends on a visit. They always genuinely enjoy people and are very gentle with them, which makes us feel a little less anxious.

Pets are great psychologists. After all, there is no better way to relieve stress than to spend time with a pet. Neither a comfortable environment, nor any other factors do not equal a dog or cat. This has already been proven by scientists. Even when you just pet an animal, your blood pressure and heart rate will normalize. Moreover, the world’s leading experts have confirmed that animals increase productivity. Now various experiments are being conducted to prove that if a pet approaches a person during work, there is automatically an emotional release and increased productivity.

By the way, fish also help relieve stress: it’s caring for the aquarium, and watching them. Getting a fish is worthwhile if you live with children, seniors or people with disabilities. Such animals are also very calming.

How a Walk With an Animal Helps Us Calm Down

First, people consume less information and generally sit on their phones. Second, those who walk with a dog will never be approached by a negative person. Third, you directly concentrate on your pet and forget about the daily troubles. If in the past animals were used for security or hunting, today, of course, it is primarily an emotional background and contact. For lonely people, it helps not to get depressed or shut down.

Is It Worth Buying an Animal Now

When we take an animal from the shelter, we do not know how it will grow and how it will behave in the future. As an adult we need to know that the adult animal will be able to socialize and adjust, and won’t attack children, passersby, or other dogs. To avoid making mistakes, you should visit the shelter several times, get to know and walk the dog or cat, and only then make an informed decision. Emotional people take an animal and then realize that they can’t handle it and leave it on the street. Unfortunately, shelters are overcrowded, and they don’t take pets back.

Before you get a pet, think it over carefully. When you see a small fluffy ball, there is an emotional outburst. You must immediately understand that a “white mouse” can grow into a “polar bear”. In no case can you make a decision in one day. You need to think about and discuss everything with the family, because later the animal can end up in a worse situation. After all, in addition to material care (vaccinations, feeding and daily care) you need to sacrifice your time as well. If you want to buy a purebred or just a large dog, you need to deal with it every day. The animal should not grow like grass, otherwise there will be bad consequences.

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