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GB Whatsapp Review

If you want to customize your device, Gb whatsapp download is the app for you. It allows you to apply different themes. Some are simple and only apply to the status bar while others are full of colors and graphics. If you want to personalize your phone, themes are the simplest way to do so. You can even download custom theme packs to use on your own device. This app is available for free through the APK store.

The GB Whatsapp download is compatible with iPhones and iPads. This app has many features that make it more popular than other alternatives. It allows you to use two accounts simultaneously and send up to 30 images and audio clips at once. It also allows you to block the use of your internet connection while using GB Whatsapp. You can choose which type of GB Whatsapp to install on your device. The main advantages of this app are its advanced functionality and privacy protection.

Features of Gb Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp has many features that allow you to keep your phone secure. Besides blocking unwanted calls, it allows you to mark messages as read or unread. It has other features that make it a perfect companion for those who use this app. Aside from this, GB Whatsapp also allows you to hide voice recording status from your contacts. It also allows you to see the log history of all your contacts. You can also customize the GB Whatsapp app according to your own preferences and personal tastes.

If you are concerned about security, GB Whatsapp has an added feature called Last Seen. This feature allows you to see who has sent you messages last. This feature is particularly useful if you regularly send images. Moreover, you can see if the sender is a trusted person or not. It also makes it easier for you to delete malicious contacts. In addition, GB Whatsapp has several themes.

GB Whatsapp also allows you to send more files. The app allows you to send up to 90 images and audio files, and you can also download status and photos. You can also keep your information private by limiting the number of people you allow to see your status. You can block them by IP address or username and even choose to block certain types of multimedia. However, GB Whatsapp has some downsides as well.

gb whatsapp download


The main feature of GB Whatsapp is its extended features. You can use it to send multimedia, including photos, to people who are not directly connected to you. It also protects your privacy by blocking people based on their IP addresses or usernames. You can even block certain types of media. This is a great feature if you have a lot of friends on Whatsapp. So, download GB Whatsapp and enjoy the benefits of this encrypted messaging app!

GB Whatsapp is similar to WhatsApp, but it offers a lot more features. For instance, GB Whatsapp lets you hide voice recording, send pictures with high resolution, and share your conversations with other members. Unlike the original app, GB Whatsapp also lets you see other people’s messages, which can be helpful for identifying suspicious people. It has some other features that make it unique among other messaging apps.

GB Whatsapp also allows you to create groups, which is a great feature for sharing conversations with your friends and family. You can also view the messages of others who are in your group. GB Whatsapp is an excellent tool for preserving privacy and keeping it secure. You can use it on both your Android and iOS phone. It can be used for personal and business purposes. This application is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

GB Whatsapp also offers a number of options. You can create and install your own themes and customize them. You can also use the app to add your own custom theme to your WhatsApp. The app also has more features than other WhatsApp programs. You can easily add new features to your phone. You can send messages to multiple people with different languages, and GBWhatsapp allows you to copy someone’s status to your clipboard.

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