Goodness of Online internship for students

Online Internship in India is like doing the task assigned by a company for whom you are working.

there is no physical involvement required ,just you need to work from home through your mobile phone or laptop, etc.

That is performing the tasks assigned digitally .

Internship provide hands on working experience where Student can build his professional network, Accumulate more knowledge than what they get from academics,

Help them to develop their resume which would be great asset from them when they continue with their stream.

If you are college students looking for internship opportunities this article will guide you with list of best platforms in India for students to get internships.

Some of the ways are:—


It is one of the most popular internship portals in India, Internshala is a free and easy-to-use platform where you can filter opportunities according to interests, stipend, and experience. Internshala also provides training and courses in different fields to build your skills while you wait for the perfect internship.

This website is an absolute treasure. It offers a plethora of internships in various cities and categories, with great security.

Through social media platforms :

Social Media is virtual interaction platform where you can interact through millions of people across the globe. Here You can join groups on Facebook that are dedicated to internships as well as groups that cater to the domain you are interested in.

For example, search for ‘Bangalore IT start-ups’ and there will be a list of groups you can follow and be active in to find internships Or can work with any company on Instagram.

Through LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career.

It allows you to share work-related information with other users and keep an online list of professional contacts. Signing up for LinkedIn is free, and many functions are open to all account holders, so you can take advantage of most of the opportunities that LinkedIn offers.


InternIn is the best company to do the internship online as it is a startup on a mission to introduce amazing opportunities to students to land their dream jobs in corporate. It believes in “learning by doing”.

InternIn platform provides lots of opportunities for internship, It is one of the best platforms to connect with the corporates. They bring internship opportunities throughout the year , regardless of whether it is a summer internship program or a winter internship you can find it in InternIn.

Internln also conducts workshops which is very useful for the students. Students can use these opportunities to upskill themselves.

Angel List:

This portal offers a wide range and number of opportunities from different start-ups and bigger organizations.

It is a platform used by quite a few start-ups like Airtable, Roblox, and Postmates to recruit candidates. Additionally, the site also provides a blog on all things related to startups and landing good opportunities.


Along with having interesting listings of jobs and internships on their website, GlassDoor is famous for helping you find the right one too! It does so by providing real reviews written by current and past employees as well as giving sample interview questions, to name a few ways. It’s definitely one of the best internship websites in India.


Another commonly used platform, is HelloIntern. They bridge the gap between interns and employers, by offering internships in eight major cities of India as well as offering some virtual internships.

Make Intern:

Make Intern connects corporations with potential interns. It even facilitates webinars and workshops to provide e -learning. It is a user friendly website and makes it easy to apply for multiple internships.

Twenty19 :

With a user base of over 6 lakh students, Twenty19 brings students and companies on a single platform for projects, internships, volunteering opportunities etc.

The platform shares your personal profiles with corporate companies to select to enhance the quality of interns.

This portal is free of cost for the students as well as colleges. This website also organizes several college festivals and events.

There is also a very relevant summer training program that is being held by this platform. Twenty19 has also started with online training programs for students to improve their skills.


Platform If you are a student, fresher or an alumni looking for any career opportunities, right from internships to full time employment, then the Opportunities wing of stuMagz is for you.

You find multiple opportunities and can apply for desired one from all the types of tech and non tech opportunities.

To get best opportunity notifications, get your skills verified that helps you in completing the selection process at the earliest, moreover build your best and unique profile in few minutes.

With the reach of 500+ colleges, stuMagz serves as the platform for brands to reach out to talented pool of students.

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