Guide to Christmas Gift for Music Fans

Guide to Christmas gift for music fans

Are you in search of last-minute gifts? We’ve created a Christmas gift guide for those who love music with different budgets to Christmas gift yourself or a loved one. A lot of these products are in inventory and will be shipped on Christmas day if you purchase on or before December 22nd. Check the availability on the product’s page prior to placing your order.

Gifts for less than PS100

The Zippo-inspired appearance of the Klipsch T5 True earphones is the reason why they get the top place in our Christmas gift guide for music enthusiasts. With Bluetooth 5.0 support to allow for high-quality connectivity. A large working distance of up to 10m, digital assistant compatibility as well as four microphones to provide high-quality vocals that help reduce the amount of ambient noise. Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones combine comfort design, ease of use, and outstanding acoustic clarity, which allows you to listen to your music throughout the day without wires. The battery can last for an extended 8 hours on one charge. Which makes them ideal for people who are constantly traveling.

Gifts for less than PS250

If you’re in search of practical, well-designed wireless speakers, look at The Audio Pro C5. The speaker is driven by a 40w D Class amplifier for powerful accurate audio. It can be linked to Sound prince speakers compatible with it to create a multiroom system , or simply used by itself.

Gifts Under PS500

Open-back headphones provide high-quality sound that is made for home use or in quiet environments for the highest results. The audio quality on the SR325e is outstanding at the cost.

Gifts Under PS1000

If you’re looking for some more money, then the Wharfedale Diamond A2 is the ideal choice for floor-standing speakers. They feature Bluetooth AptX connection technology, with a leather-like exterior design, and a choice of white or black finishes. The speakers have an acoustic dome with a soft dome of 25mm to ensure high-frequency accuracy and two Woofers of 165mm for the low and rca cable. They provide a full and balanced sound with excellent quality. 

This product will benefit from Audio Affairs 0% finance option. Which allows the spread of payment over the course of the year. Any product that is over PS500 is qualified to benefit from this.

Gifts Over PS1000

There is no interest-free financing offered on this item that allows you to spread the cost over 6 or 12 months using only a 10-10% deposit.


Number one is an experience in the studio at WeJam. The WeJam studio experience is described as a hybrid of Guitar Hero and karaoke, WeJam is a fun group activity that lets you test your hand at being a part of an actual rock band even if you’ve never had a chance to play any instrument prior to.

For more information, visit which allows you to make a booking for an appointment or purchase gift cards.


The ideal present for those looking to improve their vocal cords, or perhaps to encourage them to take the right path This compact Voice Pitch Training Trainer has become trending!


If you’re part of the band, you create rackets! This headphone mixer is impressive and has seven inputs that allow up to seven band members for them to enjoy their individual mixes. That means they can plug their instruments into this piece of technology together with an audiophile pair and be able to hear their own music playing with the band. However, their friends aren’t able to!

The idea is straightforward Pick 3-5 other bands – maybe they’re local but not. And ask whether they’d like to join a bundle you’ll give at least one of your followers. If there are five bands that contribute in the package (including you) this means that there will be five winners. Each one of you will contribute something special, and it’s not only one of your albums rather. An exclusive merchandising item or perhaps a hand-crafted gift like those in this list Then, five winners receive that amazing bundle (plus an individual note or card obviously). More than just connecting your fans towards you.

A Holiday Show

Do you know what your customers would like to see more of this year? You. Why not offer the exact same thing with an event themed around Christmas that you could live stream to those who are further away. If you’d like to go higher, you could even create potluck by offering small treats and snacks.

Presents for lovers of vinyl records

The Milty Zerostat 3 Vinyl Gun is a great accessory for every vinyl-loving person. It is a device that helps eliminate static from the vinyl itself so that it can play with the highest quality after it has hit the turntable. Zerostat 3 Zerostat 3 uses a unique Piezo Crystal which produces positive electrical charges of Ions. Thus, the user must squeeze the trigger to scatter the ion across the CD.

Presents for those always on the move

If you’re always traveling or on the move A pair of noise cancelling headphones is vital. The features include High-Resolution Audio, Lightweight Design New memory foam earpads for increased comfort. To keep them secure, a soft and comfortable pouch that is easy to carry around is provided.

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