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How can you Slay Away and Stay Fashionable Forever?

The current pandemic has forced everybody to restrict travelling and stay at home. Due to this change, your approach towards what you wear has also seen a transformation.

There has been a major change in our preferences for what to wear. But staying at home has helped us to arrange and organize our wardrobe.

From being emotionally attached to our old worn out clothes to buying new clothes impulsively, we all are somewhere guilty of making less sensible decisions when we look back at our wardrobe. Things change from time to time, and so does fashion.

Have a unique style statement

Your wardrobe defines your personality, and it has to be sensible, thoughtful and most of all up to date.

To look fashionable, it is essential to choose appropriate clothes. But more than that, it is vital to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, irrespective of the ongoing fashion trends.

Here are a few tips to look the best with your existing wardrobe and at the same time save money and make space. You can follow these wardrobe resolutions to stay stylish forever.

Forever fashion tips

  • Do not be occasion-specific

Everybody has done it at some point or the other, and we all regret it. Our occasions may be different for this, such as a Christmas party, wedding, birthday party, or a random get together.

An upcoming occasion builds excitement and makes us want something special to wear. This usually leads to impulsive shopping, and this impulsive purchase may not get a second chance to be worn.

Instead of buying for specific occasions, try having dresses that can be worn for several events. Simple and classic attires are the best to buy.

You can go for some classic dresses that can be worn on different occasions without going out of fashion. A clever tip is to accessorize it smartly to give a new look every time.

Once you learn this art style, you can never go wrong with your fashion trends.

  • Avoid buying a misfit

Most of us have done it, and it is not at all uncommon. You may hold on to a shirt or a dress for a very long time even if it does not fit you now with a hope to wear it again.

It is not uncommon either to buy a smaller size and hope to slip into it someday. It may give you an incentive to lose weight. But does it happen? The common answer is No.

It is essential to be realistic and honest. Do not overburden your wardrobe with false sizes. It is better to donate or gift it to someone if it doesn’t fit you.

  • Buy what suits you

Apart from buying smaller sizes, we may end up buying something that doesn’t suit us. We often shop for things that are currently in trend but somehow are not meant for us.

Going with the trend and buying clothes should be avoided. If your clothes do not make you feel comfortable and good about yourself, they should be immediately shunned away.

Buy what suits you

  • Avoid bargain buying

There may be great deals available in the market, but you should avoid buying something just because it is available at jaw dropping prices.

Buy it if you really need it. No matter how much affordable it is, if you will not wear it, it is a sheer waste of money.

  • Clear the old when you add new

An organised wardrobe is every woman’s dream. One of the best ways to keep your wardrobe organised and at a sensible size is to keep clearing it from time to time.

The best way is to follow a one-in, one-out policy. If you have bought a new piece of cloth, it is good to take out an older piece that you do not wear now. This will keep your fashion updated and organised as well.

  • The swap policy

One of the best ways to keep your wardrobe updated and stylish is to swap it occasionally with your stylish friends.

If you are attending any occasion and do not find anything suitable for the occasion, you can always borrow clothes from your friends.

This is just a way of having an exciting wardrobe and feeling great about yourself every time you step out.

  • Discover new brands

Everything said and done. We are very much attached to our wardrobe, and we are comfortable buying from certain shops that we trust.

Apart from your favourite stores, there are many other brands that are waiting to be discovered. You can explore all of them, from the most expensive ones to mid-range brands, to add some new exciting clothes to your wardrobe.

It is often believed that fashion is all about shelling out money, and you should buy the most expensive brands to be stylish. Many people with low financial status shop with the same mindset.

As a matter of fact, you just need to discover the correct type of clothing for you irrespective of the range.

To stay fashionable, in terms of clothes or any other aspect, many people borrow money to fulfil their dreams and desires. To cater to the needs of such people, many direct lenders offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits.


One of the biggest myths about being fashionable is that you cannot buy something the same or similar to your existing clothes.

Obviously, nobody would want to have the same kind of 10 brown cargo pants. However, do not be afraid to make the most of your fashion sense as to what suits you. You can follow the KISS rule i.e. Keep it simple and stylish when it comes to your fashion approach.

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