How do you fix the problem of “My identity not confirmed” on Facebook?

If you are completing the identity confirmation: On Facebook, the information that you have provided to confirm your identity will be reviewed on its own. If Facebook isn’t able to recognize your identity and Facebook account locked confirm identity, you’ll get a message or notification. And it will tell you why. Here you’ll get to know some of the reasons why your identity may be rejected and how you can fix this issue.

There is a possibility that your ID will be rejected because of a name mismatch. In order to fix this, you will have to follow the steps that have been mentioned below.

Step 1

You can update your Facebook profile name. Keep in mind that the surname on your profile should match the name on your government ID that you have already submitted. Then fill out the form and, after you have completed the form, it’ll be reviewed. If it is accepted and the name matches the government ID that you have uploaded, then your identity confirmation will be approved automatically.

Step 2

You can set up “other names” on your Facebook profile. If you don’t wish to change the name that is displayed on your Facebook profile, then you’ll have to add other names. And if you choose to add other names, you can select between your maiden name, married name, birth name, and former name.

Then what should you do if our ID is rejected due to a problem with the photo that you submitted? Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you.

Step 1

You can submit another photo of your own ID. In order to do that, click on the notification that says that your ID was rejected. Then find the authorization with the error and click on Try Again. Then you will have to follow the rest of the instructions. Make sure that you avoid glare on your ID and also ensure that the edges are visible properly. When you’ve submitted a new photo, you’ll have to review it again and confirm your identity.

Step 2

You can also submit an appeal. If you wish to do so, click on the notification that says that your ID was rejected. Then find the authorization with the error, and select Submit an Appeal. After that, enter a reason why there’s a mistake and click on Submit. Wait for 48 working hours in anticipation of a response.

Steps to confirm your identity on Facebook:

Step 1

Tap on “Continue”

Step 2

Then select “Approve your login on another phone or computer.”

Step 3

After that, tap on “Confirm identity in another way.”

Step 4

Then click on “Get a code sent to your phone.”

Step 5

Then click on “Confirm identity in another way.”

Step 6

Then select “Upload a photo ID.”

Step 7

Then press “Continue.”

Step 8

Then take a photo of your ID.

Step 9

Then enter an email address that is not linked to your account.

Step 10

Then you will have to click on “Continue.”

Step 11

Then go and check your email for the recovery link.

Step 12

To complete this process, click on “Continue.”

How will you feel if you get the “Please Confirm Your Identity” error on your Facebook account? Isn’t it irritating? Well, this might appear because you’re using a third-party app or you’re facing Facebook notifications not working. You will have to sign out and then uninstall any third-party apps.

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