How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Design a Logo?

it Cost to Have Someone Design a Logo?

A well-designed logo may help you take your side hustle to the next level this year and turn it into a money-making enterprise. So, how much does it cost to get your brand name out there? The cost of a logo may range from as little as $2 to as much as $2500+, depending on the kind of design you choose and how much help you need from a professional. If you’re looking for something in the middle of the price range, you may consider using an online logo creator ($20 minimum) or a design crowdsourcing service ($99 minimum). When it comes to logo design costs, though, there are a lot of things to consider. Before deciding on a design method for your logo, consider the following information.

Cost-Effective: Less than $300

Making your logo is the most cost-effective choice. As a qualified designer who is familiar with Illustrator, you’re all set. A logo generator is a next step if you aren’t. Logo generators are the cheapest alternative, however, they only give a limited selection of generic icons and fonts. With a well-honed sense of design, you may end up with a useable (though generic) logo this way. You may produce something that looks and feels a touch odd if you lack design training.

You may be able to get a logo for less than $300 from a freelancer. If it’s a good bargain, you should question yourself why you’re buying it in the first place. That’s a bonus for you if it was because you did something kind for the mother of the designer. If you discovered them on an anonymous website, don’t be surprised if they provide you with something that you could have easily prepared on your own without their assistance. The design may have been stolen.) Regularly, we see 99designs designs appearing on low-cost freelancer websites.

The Middle Range is Between $300 and $2500

Your logo design costs are in the sweet spot if you have between $300 and $600 to work with. You’ll obtain a decent logo without breaking the bank. When it comes to logo design, you have two options: working with a freelancer or participating in a competition.

You know the difference between $300 and $2000: it’s a significant one. If you don’t want to pay extra, don’t worry; we’ve explained why and when.

High-end: $2,500 and up

If you purchase a logo design service, you will get… a logo! However, you may receive more if you’re willing and able to spend more. A design agency is often the place to go for this kind of help. A $10,000+ price tag is also a given. Logo creation is an iterative and multi-step process that comprises research, brainstorming, sketching, and other design ideas, whether you have outside help or not.

Custom logo packages may thus vary widely, both in terms of price (from free to several thousand dollars) and in terms of time and work required to complete the task. Take a step back before we get started to see how you’ll be using that logo across various platforms and apps. Do you intend to print your logo on business cards and other marketing materials, or will it solely exist digitally? Which logo file types and color variants you’ll require depend on the response to that question.

The Design Firm

To provide a broad variety of branding services, firms use teams of specialists who work on anything from social media packages to souvenir design to printed materials to corporate identity guidelines, among other things. The biggest drawback of this procedure is the cost. It may cost anything from $3000 to tens of thousands. A tiny company can’t afford it. It normally takes a few weeks to complete the multi-stage process of brand research and identity creation.

Consider the company’s reputation and client comments carefully before making a decision and ensure that the degree of competence fits you. Use Google Maps to locate the closest branding agency:

Self-Employed Designer

The cost of these services is determined by the CIPD level 7 assignments of expertise of the designer. On average, novices might charge $200-800, while seasoned experts can charge $800-2000 for their services. Inquire about the pricing (hourly or per project), as well as the number of iterations that have been completed. Determine your TOR to get the desired outcome. Depending on your agreement with a designer, the timeframes might be anything from a few days to a couple of weeks long. A freelancer may miss deadlines or even “disappear” without finishing the project.

Check the designer’s portfolio and previous customers’ reviews before acquiring the service. The best places to find live performers are in your location or on specialized websites.


More than a thousand portfolios to pick from in an international online community of graphic designers Paying for a search is a possibility as well. As a member of the community for $249 per month, you’ll be able to submit advertising with specific criteria, and you’ll be able to connect with the greatest specialists in the industry.

In general, you may expect to pay more for a quotation from someone with a history of successful work. They’ll also go through exactly what you’re getting for your buck (or how long they anticipate your project to take).

If you’re wanting to spend between $300 and $800 on a graphic designer, you’ll likely be dealing with a less-experienced individual. With a clear goal, expertise offering input on design work, and enough time to sort out any bugs in the process, this may be a wonderful option. The $800-$2000 price range is a good place to start if you want more help achieving what you want and don’t want to spend hours back and forth.

Contest for the Best Logo Design

Combining flat fee pricing with several design possibilities, contests allow you to commission various designs from a worldwide community of designers, which provides you with numerous distinct logos for your company’s brand. To help create the product, you may engage with the designers and offer input on various versions of their ideas throughout a contest that normally lasts from one to two weeks.

The same as with freelancers, you may acquire a decent logo design for any price, but it will be simpler to do so if you spend more. For every dollar you spend, you get a greater reward for the winning designer as well. Your contest attracts more skilled designers, so you’ll have a wider variety of designs to pick from. You’ll also receive an account manager as part of the 99designs Gold or Platinum subscription, who may assist you in drafting creative briefs and providing feedback to your designers.

Think about how much time you have and how familiar you are with briefs and dealing with designers when picking a logo contest package. The best way to get an answer is to get in touch with our design team. There are several factors to take into account as a freelance designer when creating your measure for billing clients for design services. You should take all of them into account, even if they’re basic.


You need to know how much skill you have compared to the rest of the world, and then modify your expectations appropriately. It’s important, to be honest here, but it’s not difficult to figure out. It’s reasonable to expect a logo design from a newbie designer to cost less per square inch than a logo design from an experienced designer with 10 years of expertise.


Many variables go into pricing a logo design, and your ability to charge a fair price for your services will be influenced by both the amount of work you get and the comments you receive afterward. There is always a degree of uncertainty when it comes to cost when it comes to design work of any kind. Your work is difficult to quantify, in part because it is an art form with a subjective nature that makes it difficult to put a time limit on it.

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