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How To Clean a Sofa at Home?

Cleaning a sofa is one of the most repeated tasks in cleaning. Many people have asked themselves how to clean a sofa at home? It is necessary to know that sofas are really important pieces of furniture which you use daily. You cannot avoid them if you want to put your feet up on something comfortable after having done all household chores every day! Sofas offer comfort and relaxation, but they also require some attention because they can be easily damaged with home dusting products like sprays, mops or sponges. We reccommend professional sofa cleaning sydney service for better result. If you want to try yourself then here we giving you some tips for sofa cleaning.

How To Clean A Sofa With Sprays And Mops At Home?

Sprays and mops are usually used for traditional cleaning with the help of water, detergent and foam. They are basic household tools made to clean floors or furniture in general.

However, you must be very careful when using sprays and mops for cleaning your sofa because most sofas are delicate pieces which can be stained with bleach or other chemical products contained in these tools! Sprays also contain lotions that can cause discoloration on parts of your sofa if it’s not carefully used.

So, how to use them correctly? Here is our advice:

– Never spray any product directly onto the sofa !!! Spray only onto the sponge!

– Use a soft sponge or cloth when applying cleaners  (avoid scrubbing)   – Avoid stains by using your tools gently !!! Be careful not to overdo it!

– Do not let the product dry on the sofa !!! It may cause discoloration and may also leave a sticky layer.

– To avoid water marks, wipe off any excess moisture with a dry cloth carefully before letting it all air dry naturally.

How To Clean A Sofa With Steam At Home?

Steam usually comes from cleaning products that produce steam when boiled at high temperatures around 150 degrees Celsius . These so called “steam cleaners” will clean efficiently and thoroughly if applied correctly:

– Always test in an inconspicuous corner of your sofa first !!! Make sure there is no damage or color change after using the cleaner.   – Apply your cleaner according to the instructions !!! Follow your cleaner’s advices!

– Never let any product dry on your sofa – it may damage it! Remove by gently wiping with a clean cloth. Make sure not to go over the same place too much as you could risk damaging the material. Once again, make sure to air dry well before using.

How To Clean A Sofa With Vinegar At Home?

Vinegar is a very effective and cheap household cleaner usually made from alcohol fermentation. It can be diluted in water or used alone to fight dirt and grease. It is a good idea for cleaning purposes because it contains no bleach which means that there will be no color change after its usage! Here’s how to use vinegar:

– Use only white distilled vinegar and mix it with water (ratio 1:1)

– Apply your solution onto a sponge, not directly onto the sofa !!!

– Keep your solution away from sectional sofas as you may damage their joints. Test small inconspicuous areas first to make sure they will not discolor.

– Never use harsh scrubbing motions! This can damage the material of your sofa. Be gentle and careful when cleaning! Wipe off any excess cleaners before letting everything dry naturally. You can also speed up the process by using a hair dryer if available.

Did you know that strong chemicals like bleach or ammonia should never be used on sectionals? They might warp and cause irreparable damage to the wooden structure and joints of your sofa!

Be careful and use vinegar, steam or sprays only when they are recommended for the specific type of fabric you own. If you’re not sure about colorfastness, it’s better to be safe than sorry after all!

What If I Don’t Know How To Clean A Sofa? Should I Call A Pro?

If you don’t know how to clean a sofa, should you call a professional couch cleaner instead? Well, that depends on what kind of job you need to have done. Most problems can be solved at home with just the right tools and products without having to hire anyone else. However, if there are no guidelines available for cleaning your upholstery or if it is beyond repair, you will probably need to call a professional sofa cleaning Melbourne service providers. Make sure to give them as much information as possible (what kind of fabric you own, color, etc.) so they can deliver the best service for your needs!

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