How to connect a USB device with belkin ac1200 DB router?

The belkin ac1200 is a dual band gigabit router. That performs very well. I have also been using this router for the past 1 year. It was a really great experience. This device offers a high speed range over any area. The latest AC technology of this device makes it stronger and best.  This technology properly provides full speed and wide coverage. This wireless router comes with N technology that transmits the signals by boosting the network. The belkin ac1200 DB router is the best to use in your house as well as offices. Multiple devices can connect with this wireless router without compromising with the internet speed. 

It has four gigabit ethernet ports. By using these ports you can simply connect your wireless devices and ensure more speed of internet connectivity. Moreover, In this smart dece a USB port is also available that supports USB cable, USB storage device and more. You can easily connect your printer and other devices directly to the router. The configuration process of this router is simple and easy. To complete belkin router setup You can access the login portal and manage settings. 

How to complete the belkin ac1200 DB router configuration using WPS?

The belkin dual band router fully supports the WPS method to set up with your repeater. Or to create a password free connection with your wireless devices. The WPS setup method is so simple and can be done within 2 minutes. You just need to press the WPS button for 5 seconds on your Belkin wireless router. But be sure that your device must be powered “ON”. After pressing the WPS button your device is ready to create a WPS connection. 

Belkin router LED status 

At the front panel of your wireless router. The LED indicators are built-in. By checking the LED status you can easily know the actual status of your Belkin router. If the indicators are not glowing that means your router power adapter is not inserted properly into the electrical socket. The blue light shows the status of booting up. If the blue indicator turns solid, that means your router is connected to the internet. On the other hand if indicators blinking amber, that means the router does not detect the power modem.

WPS LED status

At the top panel of your belkin ac1200 DB router a WPS LED is built-in. It shows the status of your router. it’s blinking in solid blue color that means your router has secured connection with your desktop or device. If the LED appears to blink in light blue color that means your belkin router is searching for nearby WPS activated devices. If the status shows amber that means the connection failed. Now, You must create a connection again. 

Steps to connect USB device to belkin ac1200 router

If you want to connect an USB with the Belkin router. You can use the USB port that is already available on the router. Be sure your router is placed in the right position to connect the USB storage device into the port.  At first you must power ‘ON” your belkin router. Please insert the power adaptor into a working electrical outlet and switch it “ON”. Then simply insert the USB storage into the port of the Belkin router. In this way you can easily connect a USB storage device with your wireless router. 

USB not detected?

If you are facing any kind of issues like the router is not reading the USB storage device. Or not supported, Not connected. There may be different reasons behind this problem. Be sure that your router USB port is clean and working properly. At first disconnect all the wires that are connect with the router and take a dry cloth. Clean all the ports carefully and input the USB drive properly anc check if it starts working or not. 

Perform a reset 

Even using the given steps if it’s still not working. Then you can perform a reset. But the reset process will clear all the saved data and manually configured settings. It will be set as default. In order to reset. Power “ON” your Belkin ac1200 DB router and simply press the ‘RESET” button which is available on your router. Press it for 5 seconds until the LED indicators start to misbehave. Now release the button and your router will reset shortly. By doing this you can easily fix USB not working issues.

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