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How To Get the Right Kitchen Area Rug

When we think of Area Rugs, normally the living room is the first place that pops up in our head. However another room where an Area Rug can shine is often overlooked— we are talking about the kitchen of course. Why should your home’s living room receive all the love? Area Rugs belong in the kitchen too.

 In addition to minimizing the chance of slipping in the kitchen, Area Rugs can also provide a more comfortable standing experience as you use the stove or the countertop. Area Rugs in the kitchen can also add some spice, the aesthetic kind of course, to the kitchen space—and who doesn’t want that?

When shopping for a kitchen Area Rug, you will need to pay extra attention to both the rug’s durability and pile. This is because the kitchen is a heavily foot traffic area and it is bound to experience much more spills. Keep in mind that a rug in the kitchen has to be somewhat slip resistant, and padded. And of course, the kitchen Area Rug should reflect your own unique style.

Here are some general guidelines on what to look for when purchasing the Area Rug for your kitchen.

1.    Pile:

Simply put, a rug’s pile refers to the density and length of its fibers. A shaggy rug has a “high pile”, while a thin rug made of natural fibers has a “low pile”. Most high pile rugs are suitable for relatively low foot traffic areas, such as a bedroom, because they are easily indented with weight. So it is a good idea to select a low-pile rug for your kitchen. A low pile rug is better suited for standing upon for a long period of time. Over a long period of time, they are less likely to be indented by all the foot traffic in the kitchen, and you are less likely to trip over it while moving about in the kitchen. In general, low pile rugs are much easier to clean; most are even machine washable.

2.    Care:

Keep in mind that some extra care might be needed in maintaining a kitchen Area Rug. Even if you are generally an organized person, have no pets or children in the house, your kitchen will still be subjected to a fair amount of mess. Since your kitchen Area Rug is destined to be impacted by splashes from your sink, food spills, and even sparks of fire from your stove, make sure that it is relatively easy to clean. When shopping for a kitchen Area Rug, carefully read the care instructions and prioritize rugs that are machine washable. When you spill spaghetti sauce or drop a glass of wine, you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining your rug, so kitchen Area Rugs that are instant spot washable should jump to the top of your list. Make sure your final choice of kitchen Area Rug is able to withstand frequent vacuuming.

Bonus: If you are looking for a kitchen Area Rug made with natural materials, then the best option will be juste. Rugs made with this natural material offer a low pile and organic feel, and are durable to withstand the high foot traffic in the kitchen.

3.    Padding:

When shopping, consider a relatively padded Area Rug for your kitchen. While standing over your stove or sink, your feet will need that extra comfort that a padded cushion will provide. If you decide to purchase a thin low pile rug, you can get the desired level of padding by adding a rubber rug pad underneath it. This will provide both comfort and safety.

4.    Style:

 Kitchen Area Rugs can be as modern and stylish as the rest of your lovely home. You can find a great variety of kitchen Area Rugs that come in great colors and designs.

When it comes to the “look and feel” of the kitchen, you might decide that two is better than one. In a small kitchen, the main areas you’ll want to cover are in front of the sink and the stove. Two small rugs of 24×36 inches will greatly help to bring that balanced look into your kitchen.

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