How to Maintain your Asphalt Paver

With heavy machinery you have to be very careful not to neglect it otherwise it will end up costing you a lot. The best way to make sure that your equipment doesn’t end up deteriorating at a very fast rate you have to make sure to maintain it properly. If you have an asphalt paver but you aren’t sure how you can effectively maintain it then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll tell you all the tips that you need to know to successfully keep your asphalt paver up to date and in perfect condition.

Daily Checks

Asphalt pavers are a huge investment for any business, so you need to make sure that your paver does the job that it was bought for. One way that you can ensure that your paper isn’t in good condition is by conducting daily machine checks. Walk around the equipment and see that everything is in order, make sure nothing in the paper is missing or that there aren’t any leaks or damaged components in the asphalt paver. Replace any damaged or worn-out parts of the asphalt paver, make sure to inspect used machinery carefully.

Check the Screed Before Starting the Machine

Before you start operating this wallpaper make sure that the screed is ready to work. Making sure that it is level before you start the job is important, if it isn’t leveled the Quality of the work that you are doing will be affected. So, make sure that it is flat and the extension is in the correct position so the mat you’re laying is finished with perfection.

Clean the Paver Daily

It is imperative that you clean your asphalt paver every day after work. If you do not do that and leave some asphalt in your machine. It will affect the equipment in the long term and end up damaging it. If after working you fail to clean out the asphalt. It will cause the equipment to deteriorate faster than it would have otherwise. When you are cleaning your asphalt paver make sure to get all the old asphalt out. So that the next day when you’re using the machine it doesn’t mixed with the new. If you don’t clean out the old asphalt of the machine it will cause. The conveyor chains to either break or jump out which will ultimately cause delays.

Conduct Offseason Maintenance

When it is the offseason, it is the perfect opportunity to conduct thorough cleaning of the asphalt paver. Make sure to remove every bolt and belt on the machine and clean it thoroughly. Make sure to remove all the guards and do a thorough deep cleaning of the machine. This way you’ll be able to reach all the areas that you wouldn’t be able to clean on your daily maintenance checks.

Read the Manufacturers Guidelines

This is something that has been said before but needs to be said, again and again. It is imperative that you read the guidelines that have been provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer would have given end list of things like the auger and the like that you need to keep an extra eye on so pursue that. For Instance, if you are using a caterpillar asphalt paver, there is always a manual provided with Cat Heavy Equipment which will include directions on how you can maintain the paver. Whatever the directions given by the manufacturer follow them. And this will help you keep your equipment safe and secure for a really long time.

Equipment maintenance is essential, asphalt pavers need to be maintained and skipping on maintenance will not save you time or money it will look quite the opposite in fact. So if something does hold you back from maintaining your asphalt paver, don’t let it.



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