How to Pick IB Subjects in an International School in Tokyo?

International Baccalaureate is a two-year program that is accepted internationally for entry into higher education. It is recognized by several universities worldwide.

IB students must take 6 or 7 subjects, one from each subject group. There are three core requirements, and the students must complete assessments in each of the subjects taken up by them.

A child has to go to an IB school to get an IB degree. This program is taught in 140 countries worldwide, and there are many IB schools in each country, including Japan. Many international schools in Tokyo offer the IB program.

It may be difficult to help your child choose the right IB subject as a parent. Especially when you do not know how well your child will do in that subject.

This is why you must include your child in the discussion of choosing subjects and follow these lesser-known tips.

  1. Look at the syllabi of IB schools

The syllabus lists all the topics to be taught under a certain subject. You can usually find the syllabi online. Look through the syllabus of all the subjects that your child is interested in. This will help you understand what your child can expect once they are in class.

Talk to your child about the syllabi and see if they feel confident in learning about the topics in a certain subject. Now you can shortlist the subjects that your child is interested in learning.

  1. Think about the future from international schools in Tokyo

Children are encouraged to enrol in IB programmes to help them get admitted to a good university. Therefore, choose the subjects while keeping your child’s higher education in mind. For example, if your child aims to study physics in college, they must take up physics in the IB curriculum.

Talk to your child about what they want to study in the future in college. Choose subjects that are required for admission in a college program. It would help if you chose the IB subjects so that the IB curriculum can get them ready for college after studying in an international school in Tokyo.

  1. Choose subjects your child is good at

Many parents make the mistake of choosing only challenging subjects for their children. However, this usually puts the child in a difficult situation, as they do not generally excel at these subjects.

Instead, it would be best to choose such subjects that your child is already good at. You can also choose the subjects where your child may require extra help, but don’t overburden your child by making them work hard on each subject.

While the IB program is meant to teach your child every subject thoroughly, it is never a good idea to choose subjects your child struggles in. Otherwise, they will never excel at their studies.

  1. Understand the assessments

Most subjects will have internal and external assessments, including projects, assignments, and exams. However, not every subject has the same distribution of marks, and not every subject has all of the assessment components. For example, visual arts do not have a written exam.

So when you choose the subjects, you must see which subject requires what types of assessment. This can help you understand how much time you will have to dedicate and how much preparation is necessary for a particular subject.

  1. Understanding the difference between HL and SL

In the IB curriculum, you must choose at least 3 high-level subjects and 3 more standard level subjects. Although the assessments are the same for both types of classes, the number of class hours required is significantly less for SL subjects. 

Therefore, finding a good combination is very important for HL and SL subjects. You do not want your child to dedicate their time solely to HL subjects, but you also do not want them to struggle with SL subjects.

  1. Do not depend on others for your decision

When choosing IB subjects, do not think about what other students in your child’s class are taking. Many parents become indecisive and go with the popular choice of subjects. But this can severely impact your child’s studies.

Do your research on the subject and discuss with your child to come to the final decision about which subjects to choose. This way, your child can perform well in school and excel in their studies.

In conclusion

When you are helping your child choose IB subjects, keep your child’s preferences at the forefront. After all, your child is the one that will be learning the subjects. However, following the tips mentioned above, it will help both you and your child choose suitable subjects that will help them score well in school and help them in their higher studies.

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