How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error state?

HP is a well-known brand name that is synonymous with printers. There are HP printing models of a variety of sizes. The process of installing them is quite easy. When printing, a few users will encounter HP Printer Error code 79. The printer will display HP printer in an error state when it’s unable to communicate with the device that is commanding it.

Reasons Behind HP Printer Error 79

  1. HP printer connection error
  2. There isn’t a driver for the printer
  3. Certain printer files aren’t working
  4. HP printer isn’t able to connect to the right network
  5. The printhead isn’t working.
  6. HP printers aren’t able to retrieve the ink

Troubleshooting HP Printer Error 79

Restart the HP Printer

Users can encounter an error code from the printer if it is entangled into issues with runtime. Fix the runtime issue by restarting your device. The printer will display an error message when it receives an update, but certain services become stuck. Restart the power by taking the cable off directly. Once you have connected to the connection, the functions of the HP printer will be restored with the initial start. Then, send a fresh print command and verify the HP printer error.

Try Running the Printer Troubleshooter

If your printer displays errors, it is recommended to look into the troubleshooting tools. If the error message is appearing because of a printer file the tool can help you fix the issue. Open your computer, and then click on the Update and Security tab.

Select the troubleshooter option and then select Printer. Once it is running, it will look for all printer-related files. After fixing the printer-related files you will be able to see an information page. Once your errors are corrected you can give the command and print your reports effortlessly.

Reconnect the HP Printer

The printer displays an error when it’s not properly connected. Make sure the cable is connected to the printer connection. Connect to your HP printer and then remove the cable. Check the cable for damages. Reconnect the cable and make sure that the cable isn’t loose.

If you are using a wireless HP printer connectivity, verify the router’s WPS pin and the router. Restart the router, and then press the printer’s Wi-Fi button to make it active. Look at the printer’s screen to find the name of the network. Select the name of the network to establish the connection. After you have completed your printer’s configuration print an additional print job and then look for errors.

Check the HP Printer Driver

Your device might display an HP Printer Error code (0xc18a0206) if the driver for your printer isn’t functioning. Without the driver in place, your HP printer is unable to read the commands. The driver serves as the bridge between the printer and your PC. Select the HP driver for your printer.

If driver files aren’t functioning, then fix the driver files. The user can download and use the repair tool to repair the driver. The most efficient method is to install the driver. Visit the driver setup that is corrupted and then remove it. Then, you can download the exact printing driver setup.

Inspect the Printhead and Fuser

The printer may show error messages if the fuser or the printhead is not working. If the fuser for your printer is damaged, then you will need the ability to repair it. Find a new fuser for your printer. Then, check for errors in the printer. If you notice a printhead issue be sure to check for excessive heat. If the printer is heating up then shut down the printer.

It will take a while until the printhead cools. Restart the printer and examine the printhead. If it is clogged, you need to clear it. Take the printer to run the printerhead cleaning function. This will take out all dried ink from your head. After cleaning, head to the computer and print another print command.

Run a Malware Scan

HP printer receives error code 79 if the printer receives print jobs that are not valid. The malware in the system is causing corruption to the print command so that the printer cannot understand it. To resolve the issue the user needs to eliminate all malware from his system.

On your computer, launch Defender to get rid of the malware. If you own an individual antivirus choose it and then run the complete scan. After you have removed any malware, open the file and issue a new print request. When the printer has an accepted job, it’ll begin printing right away.

Reset the HP Printer

If you’re getting error code 79 following making adjustments to the printer settings, you should reverse the changes. If you’ve forgotten your settings, you should perform the reset. After factory reset, reconnect the printer with the PC and then set the password once more. After setting up, you can try taking prints and then look for errors.

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