How You Can Earn Money on Steam For Free

The post briefs how you can make money on steam completely for free. You may be thinking that making money on steam for free is impossible. There are a lot of clickbait videos out there that tell you that you can make hundreds of dollars for free on steam, 100 percent legit, no scam. But the post briefs you a legit way to earn money on Steam download on Android.

It mainly depends on several factors like how old your account is, how dedicated you are, and the prices of the steam market you could definitely earn a couple of dozen of dollars within a week. The post is split into several parts. First, the post will be covering how to make money on steam without investing any of your own.

The second part will be about flipping items on the market and the third part is not very widely known and will work for you. If you really want a general overview on the subject so that you can decide which method best suits you then it is suggested to read the post completely. So without any delay let get into the post.

Method 1:

In order to use this method, you need to have a relatively old steam account preferably one with lots of steam items which compromises background and mod cons. If your account is only a couple of months old then you are suggested to move on to the second method.

You just need to go to your steam inventory and search for mod cons and wallpapers. These items are most valuable. You just need to look out for items that can be turned into a large number of gems. If your account is one year old or more then you should have accumulated several just by participating in events. You can drop complain games and other sources.

If you sell them at their current price then you will only get around forty cents. But if you play online games a waiting game then you can turn a lot of profit. If you wait a couple of weeks until you receive your money then it is suggested to add around 15 to 20 percent to whatever the current price is. If you are willing to wait a couple of months then it is suggested adding around 35 to 40 percent. It really depends on how long you are willing to wait.

Method 2:

If you had your account for a couple of months then you cannot expect to earn a huge sum of money from this method. You will be able to get a profit of a couple of dollars but it is pretty enough. You just need to go to your steam inventory and search for backgrounds and mod cons. The post already explains why these are the most valuable in the first method.

When you have minimum of one sack of gems then you can go to the community market and search for the item. From there you can sell it for around 40 cents to a dollar depending on the current prices. If you really want any advice on how to earn more money than the current market price then you should refer to the first method.

So if you want a small amount of money to buy a cheap game then you can go ahead and use this method. As you are not selling gems in this method, you can also list other items which compromise trading cards that generally go for around eight cents and gain specific items such as CSGO or TF2 skins. Even the cheapest of skins can turn a profit.

Method 3:

If you have invested some money into leveling up your account then you will definitely have an advantage when it comes to earning free money on steam. When you craft a badge then it will provide experience to level up your account. You will also receive two relevant items a background and mod cons. The ones you receive from leveling up are generally much less valuable than others.

And if you are decently high level then you should have a large amount of these items. It is suggested combining this method with the first method since this method alone will only bring you so far. If you are at level 50 then you should have at least six thousand gems worth of items in your inventory. The hundredth level will provide you with the 11000 gems and at the level of 150; you would have around 27000 gems and so on.

Flipping items:

If you are really to invest some money in order to get profit then flipping items is considered the best bet. The most important part of flipping items is to buy and sell orders. You can place a buy order on an item for much less than the current market value of the said item. So when somebody sells it for that price then your account automatically orders it. Then you can sell it for much more when the price goes up again. Generally, this is done on CSGO and TF2 skins.

First of all, you will have to decide how much you are willing to invest in this method. Then you need to search for an item that suits your price range. While you choose items, you must avoid items which values are continuously dropping. So, you will not be able to get profit.

You need to buy items when it is at its lowest points and then sell it at high points. This way you will earn around forty cents each time when you do this. Over a certain period of time, this can be a great source of income.

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