Important Tips To Improve Website & Social Media Page Through Graphic Design

The Importance of Images in Content

One of the most important aspects of creating product recognition is image design. A good graphic design website or social media posts attracts the audience and encourages participation.

As one of the users of the social media platform, I find myself constantly scrolling through my feed when content is not my favorite. Make the audience interested and explore your content to attract them with photos or videos and your posts.

Creating a graphic design can be tricky especially when you are just starting to advertise your business or product. Trends, many fall into the use of repetitive stock images.

I mean, it’s not a bad thing to use stock photos but to add spices to your brand identity, it is suggested that you make your own.

Alternatively, drawings add creativity to your product that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Why Your Content Needs Visual Feature

Visuals have a few important functions when it comes to your content. Among them are:

They make the content memorable. Since attention is shorter than before, a 700-word text block will not stand out from the content that most of us see every day.

Listed as text, too many facts and figures can confuse the reader and make it difficult to understand or remember.

The caption text with attractive illustrations, however, gives the reader an eye candy to tell a story that is easy for both the eye and the mind to digest and remember.

They stand out on social media. We all know the endless social media platform that makes eyes shine. Another way to prevent that from happening with your content is to add an image to your post.

Depending on your audience and their response, this could be a colorful, colorful, humorous scene, or something terrifying.

Think about the feelings and emotions that are most appealing to your audience, and include pictures that you believe will appeal to them.

They make redefining content easy. Creating re-targeted content is an essential part of any content strategy. Visualization is one of the easiest ways to do that.

That could mean adding new images to an existing blog post, embedding a video, or even converting a heavy piece of content into an infographic or slideshow.

In this article, I share with you tips and tricks you can use in your product communication posts for your product.

Color palette

Color can be used to set the mood, create an atmosphere, and convey emotions. Choosing the right color pallet is important as colors send a sense of feel to the person who sees them.

As the color red suggests urgency, yellow for optimism and youth while green is economical. I use Muzli, a colorful palette generator to create a palette or get some ideas.


Your social media posts can be made live by choosing the right font or group of fonts that work well together.

I personally use Canva with my graphic designs and sample Canva fonts that I use that work well together Clear Sans Bold and Clear Sans Thin Also, working on typography makes the post more readable and pleasing to the eye.


Using icons to express ideas is one of the easiest ways to enhance social media posts. I understand that not everyone has the budget to hire a professional graphic designer especially

when you are just starting your own small business which is why using Icons can help you add flavor to regular posts. This also works well when you combine stock images into thumbnails.


A useful way to add something to an image design.

Shapes affect the way people perceive and react to them. It is a great beauty that gives greatness to the content. For others, they use geometric shapes to create illusions and to produce images.

Lines and curves

Back to basics. Lines and curves are known to be used for smaller designs but otherwise they provide texture and provide movement. It also provides information, drawing on line graphs and calligraphy. Lines can also be used to divide, organize and create patterns.

As for the curves, it offers deception and shows movement. How the wavy line suggests that water and spiral can be a storm.


Visuals in graphic design website play an important role in your content. Skipping visual features may cause the audience to scrutinize and lose the opportunity to present your product. Let’s not forget that your image must represent your product.

There are many online and offline tools that help you create a basic design. However, when we talk about clear design in social media advertising, we are referring to professional designs.

By working with professionals, you can create clear and creative content. Such images are very fragile and always different from your product.

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