International Shipping Checklist for Everyone


First and foremost, we must ensure that the documentation is correct. As a result, your first move should be to contact an FMC business. a Federal Maritime Commission firm to ensure that you receive a car reservation. After that, double-check that the title matches the original tags since US customs will want you to have the original titles to validate. After that, you must provide the original labels to the corporation so that US customs can authenticate them.

High Dock

Once US Customs have verified these titles, you may begin loading the automobile. So, if you are at home and want to move your car into a container, the first thing you need to know is that the containers are located high up on the grounds. To drive your automobile inside the container, you need a high dock. Many of you may not have a port high enough, so you haul it up like a tow truck. You drive the tow truck to drive the automobile container, which is as high as a container.

Preventing Damages

The goal of correctly placing the automobile inside the container is to prevent it from moving around in the front and rear, from bouncing, and from moving sideways. Presumably, a truck will pick the automobile to port on a ship with a crane. There is a great deal of movement. Which can cause damage to the vehicle. And for most of us, our vehicle is the dearest commodity. Whether it be our sedan, SUV, or off-road wheels.

Equipment Requirement

We will investigate what equipment we will require to pack and put the automobile into the container properly. So, the first thing we will need is some wood. For conventional autos, two-by-fours are all you need. Or do you go to Home Depot and get two by fours? I will be able to get everything I need from Home Depot. The only thing you will require is table salt. All compressors must have at least 2.5 horsepower. Next, you will need a nail gun and then the holes in the nails.

Many of you may not have such equipment. Thus, the wood is the most critical factor. Instead of using a nail gun, you might cut the wood with a handsaw and use a hammer and nail. Why is it so crucial to maneuver the automobile correctly?

Putting Car in a Container

The essential thing is to ensure that you have a piece of wood below the automobile and attach each piece of wood to the floor so that the car does not roll backward. The same thing will happen on all four wheels, even if it is a sedan or a vehicle with off-road wheels. At the same time, we will place some wood pieces on the side. And those planks of wood will prevent the automobile from swaying from side to side. Finally, we will use a nylon strap, a five-inch nylon strap, to secure the car and the wheels down to the axle chassis, which holds the automobile type to the ground.

We will tie them, hook them up and across, and double-check that the automobile is secure. The container’s ground is of wood that we may nail to it. And there is a mound of little wood pieces built up against the wheel, preventing it from moving. And again, with the help of a long two-by-four.

Checking Gasoline

Some things to remember are that when you get the automobile inside the container, make sure to fill it with auto gasoline and that you siphon as much gas as possible. Almost enough to fit within the container. Disconnecting the battery is another thing we need to do. After the automobile has been driven inside the container, double-check that the hood is still open and disconnect the battery before concluding the operation.

Necessary Submissions

Sending a car overseas necessitates the submission of various papers. This post will also assist you in preparing the documents required to transport your automobile overseas and straightforwardly. First, we need a commercial invoice for all international shipments. You may utilize the invoice you emailed to your clients. The government uses your commercial invoice to estimate the worth of products to calculate the amount of tax and duties to charge. The currency of the values, per-unit cost, and the number of units should all be on each business invoice. If you are the exporter, you will also need a packing list for export. The seller, buyer, shipper, invoice number, date of shipping, the carrier used itemized amount like any other item, description, and kind of container and vehicle or cargo are all included in this list. The values on the packing list should match those on the business invoice.

Custom Clearance

You will also need a bill of lading to give to the driver when he arrives to pick up the package, so it does not go lost. Once the booking is made, the online booking system generates this document automatically. You must create an export declaration with US Customs if any cargo is worth more than $2500 per commodity or if the item needs an export license. Many firms offer this service and can file your paperwork for you. Fill out the commodity and pricing details on the booking page. Before exporting, they will file with US Customs.

First Time Shipping

If you have never sent to the nation previously, you should check with them as they may demand additional documents. Such as a consular invoice or a certificate of origin. Inquire with the customer support professionals about the paperwork you will need. Before you ship, it is crucial to know because if the product or a vehicle arrives without correct documents, the consignee may face delays and increased storage costs. And you will never want your off-road wheels to stay on dock for long, in fact you will want them at your place as soon as possible. So, make sure you complete the checklist before shipping.

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