How do we Differentiate Mean Values with Midpoint Values?

Properties of statistical distribution have great importance in mathematics. The mean is considered to be the most common expression of a statistical distribution with the mathematical average of all the terms. The mean is referred to as the average of the number or anything.

The other point of discussion is the midpoint which is referred to as sometimes the need of finding the point which is exactly midway between the two other points is actually the midpoint. A quantity that can be divided into two halves is defined as the midpoint. In this article, the mean and midpoint can be elaborated with real explanations and real facts. The mean values and midpoint values are also discussed in this article. So some of the basic facts and differentiation of mean value and midpoint value with each other can be described as follows. 

What is the mean value?

Mean is known as the mathematical average of all the numbers, terms and quantities. It is the statistical distribution which finds the average number through the discrete random variable and it refers to the mathematical average of all terms. In simple words the mean is known as the sum of all the values in a set of data which contains the numbers and the measurements. The sum of all the values or total of all the values is then divided by the total number of values and given the average number which is mathematically known as the mean value. 

Formula for mean value

The mean value is known as the easiest way to calculate, add or sum of the values and term of finding the average number. It is easy to calculate and divide in simple ways. The formula for mean value can be written as follows:

Mean = m =  Sum of the values or terms / Number of the values or terms

For example, if we have the number of values 2, 5, 6, 3 then the mean of these values can be easily identified and calculated by using the mean formula. The detailed description in the solution of mean formula is as follows:


Mean = m = (2 + 5 + 6 + 3)/4  =  16/4  = 4

Hence by using this formula the mean value is 4. You can also conclude mean value online by using mean calculator online.

What is the midpoint value?

The point which dissects or halves the two quantities is known as the midpoint. Sometimes the need of acquiring the middle point is necessary then the use of the midpoint value helps in finding the middle point. The midpoint refers to the middle point of the line segment that divides the line into two halves equally. 

Formula for midpoint value 

Midpoint values can be found by dividing the numbers or terms into two halves. As we know the midpoint is always a middle point of a line of segment and it usually has equal distance if we compare it with both endpoints. It centroid or dissects both of the line segments endpoints. The formula for midpoint values can be written as follows: 

M = ( xm , ym ) = ( x1+x2/ 2  , y1+y2/ 2  )

The complete description for this formula can be as follows:

( xm , ym ) referred to the coordinates of the midpoint

( x1 , xy ) referred to the coordinates of the first point

( y1 , y2 ) referred to the coordinates of the second point

Also try online midpoint formula calculator for the online calculation of midpoint value in a seconds.

What is the difference between the mean value and midpoint value?

The mean is known as the average because the mean will give the average amount by the process of summation and subtraction which refers to the average value.

Whereas the midpoint will dissect the two quantities and half of the two values which are equally divided and distributed. Both of the values, the mean value and midpoint value, calculate the average or middle point by their own formulas and solutions.

Each value gives the average by its process or each value provides the middle point by its own process. In simple words mean is used for normal distribution. Whereas the midpoint values are used for two of the coordinates for finding the midpoint. 


In this article, you will be able to know about the mean value and the midpoint value. Mathematically the mean value is said as the average by the summation and subtraction of the values. The learners will be able to fully understand the mean value, its calculation, formula and difference with the midpoint values.

The midpoint values are found by the dissection or distribution of two halves equally. The midpoint will give the middle point of the line segment by following the coordinates of finding the midpoint. This study will also help you understand the midpoint, its formula, solution and differentiation from the mean value. The mean value and midpoint value are both clearly described in this educational article and their difference will be easily done.

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