Range of textures and colors for victorian doors

You can create doors that fit perfectly into any interior. Each customer can make a choice based on personal preferences and design recommendations. In this article we will talk about four basic coating texture options for victorian doors: antigue, shagreen, moire and finally silk.

Antique texture

After painting the front door, its appearance resembles products of the era of antiquity. Otherwise, the ancient culture of the Greeks and Romans. As one of two components used in the structure of a powder coating, metallic powder helps to create a special microscopic relief.

It appears after baking such a coating has increased strength and increased thickness when compared with other types of coatings.

Shagreen texture

This paint rightly compares to an orange peel. It looks like the skin of an orange – embossed, rough, uneven. By running your hand over the product covered with this structured powder paint, you can feel small bumps and irregularities. The effect after polymerization.

The structure of different variants of this coating may differ from each other, be more matte or glossy. Practical owners appreciated the advantages of this coating. It is very durable: even after several years of operation, vicotian doors look like new.

The secret is that a small chip or scratch can make invisible by using spray paint can. By treating the damaged area, you can get a uniform surface. There is no need to repaint the product in an industrial environment.

Moire texture

The smallest metal particles that appear after coloring create the effect of a velvet surface. I involuntarily want to stroke it with my hand in order to feel this visual velvety to the touch. This texture has a noble and aesthetic appearance.

Victorian doors with such a coating require special treatment. Severe mechanical damage caused by careless actions can spoil the appearance of the product. It will not work to restore it on your own. In addition, black moire and brown moire not use for interior decoration 0 (smooth metal sheet).

Silk texture

It is a common powder-coated door that gives a sophisticated look to your victorian door. An important nuance: silk door covering doesn’t use for steel doors DS 1, DS 6 and DS 10 (with thermal break). Which filles with special foam from the inside.

This occurs after high pressure dyeing. It is impossible to perfectly restore a door covering with a silk effect at home therefore, such a product, like moire entrance doors, requires a scrupulous attitude. For instance, for places with active movement of people, it is better to choose a different cover option than silk metal doors.

Is the beauty of a victorian door possible without practicality?

Definitely not. Otherwise, this visual appeal will be enough for a short period of time. But front doors are a serious capital purchase for a residential building. To create a protective and decorative coating that combines aesthetics and durability the specialists have developed and implemented the following technology:

The surface is degreased. This stage has two goals. First: prevention of metal oxidation and corrosion. Second: enhancing adhesion (good adhesion of paint to the surface). In order to exclude even minimal flaking.

Front door painting. It is based on the laws of physics: positively charged particles are attracted to parts with a negative charge. This achieves by applying powder paint to a metal surface in an electrostatic field.

Baking. To achieve a perfectly even coating, the paint must be polymerized. Thousands of tiny particles turn into a single whole during the baking process in a special oven it heats up to 200 degrees.

Creating a protective and decorative coating

The use of this technology for creating a protective and decorative coating when painting a metal door helps to achieve several effects:

Wear resistance

The powder contains chemicals that prevent moisture, salt, acid. And the protective film, which formes by polymer. Powder paint when baked, provides resistance to various mechanical damages: scratches, chips, impacts.

Weather resistance

Special painting of the entrance metal door  opens up wide opportunities for the regions of its installation. Siberian frosts or the scorching southern sun. Victorian doors successfully operate in different weather conditions, withstanding temperatures from -60 ° C to + 150 ° C.

Corrosion resistant

The iron door painted in such a way that it can withstand the influence of snow, rain and sun. Therefore, door can be installed as a street door at the entrance to a cottage, staircase, office or industrial premises. Reference to the article on installing a victorian door as a street door.


Chemicals, which contain polymer powder for painting a metal door, do not have toxicity. Pungent odors and harmful effects on the human respiratory system excludes.


As a result of applying paint, its excess will not appear on the surface, sagging and smudges are excluded. The principle of painting involves reducing the electrostatic force of victorian doors surface after processing. Excess particles do not settle.

To ensure the durability of the coating, different companies apply an anti-corrosion primer, a double painting method. For example, this significantly increases the preservation of the impeccable appearance of the product for many years.

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