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SEO for Small Business: How to Start Digital Marketing with a Budget

Small businesses may think of themselves as always at a constant disadvantage when it comes to competing with mainstream and established brands. Compared to the latter which has more funding, higher income, and wider reach, budding entrepreneurs may resign themselves to the fact that they’ll never get that top spot in the industry. However, that is where you’re mistaken.

Just like any other business, these popular brands also started with anonymity and lesser market influence. They all became successful because they were able to utilize the changing trends in the market as their leverage. As the current global industry shifts toward a digitalized and online market, it is high time for you to adapt as well.

Expand Your Ad Campaigns and Tips

By expanding your ad campaigns to various online mediums and channels, you’ll get to network and reach a wider audience. With more than 5 billion people surfing the net daily, the possibilities of reaching new communities, hubs, and customer forums, are simply too high to be ignored.

For confused entrepreneurs who are asking, “are advertising and marketing the same thing?” The digital market can help differentiate the 2. The best thing about it is that it requires minimal budget planning for the benefits to work and affect your market performance.

Now, you might question the validity of these success stories, thinking that there are simply too many competitors using the same medium. Well, even with a saturated market, you can still stand out with SEO strategies. How do you use budget SEO techniques to boost your online customer engagement? Here are some of the basic SEO tips that you can try out as a small business on a budget:

  1. Conduct Keyword Research

Keywords are your bridge toward engaging more audiences. These terms are listed as one of the most popular and searched words related to your business.

Search engine algorithms use these phrases as shortcuts to crawl through thousands of website and find the ones that best suits the customer’s needs. These are the same phrases that customers use when they’re looking up your provided product and services.

Incorporating these keywords into your content and website design makes it easier for search engine algorithms to tag you as a relevant result, which can lead to better organic traffic and wider market reach. You can easily find this keyword list in the Google Analytics Acquisition report, and other databases for free.

  1. Analyze and Assess

Before you try out every possible SEO technique in the book, you have to determine first the weaknesses and strengths of your current company’s ad campaigns in the digital market.

Doing so will help you determine which aspects of the SEO strategies you have to invest in more. This assessment phase is a crucial step for a budding business since the loss of income or capital simply cannot be allowed.

Blindly spending on upgrades with unsure results can be dangerous. Make sure that every loony that you dole out is worth the investment, by conducting a complete website analysis with an SEO Analyzer Tool such as SEMRush.

This can also help you with the audit for Malta businesses as you’ll be able to make estimates beforehand.

  1. Join an FB Group or Create a Page

Facebook is among the largest community hubs in the market. With an endless array of profiles and communities, this app allows you to reach out to your customers in a more targeted manner.

Since people and consumers can create their own groups and pages where they can discuss the best products and recommend finds to one another, joining one can give you the advantage of insight.

You can also create a public page for your business where potential customers can inquire and visit. You may also attach the link to your formal website for increased organic traffic and increased search ranking.

  1. Publish Blogs

Blogs, articles, and snippets of your business are integral in engaging with your customers. By producing relevant content that discusses the purpose of your product, the benefits of your service, and answering FAQs, you’ll be able to connect with consumers better.

If you’re unfamiliar with developing this kind of content, you can always approach companies for help. They can offer different SEO packages and pricing, depending on the research and labour needed to create such blogs.

This method is a clear example of a digital marketing strategy as it moulds the public perception of your product or services regarding its benefits, values, and usage.  If you’re asking are advertising and marketing the same thing? Well, with this example, the answer’s no.

  1. Use Comment Tagging

Using the popularity of other websites to increase your own is a classic SEO technique. It’s free and low-effort. One of the ways that you can piggyback or hijack other websites to increase redirected traffic to your site is by commenting on their blogs as well.

However, these comments should also contribute to the original content by giving out useful insights, supportive affirmations, or research-backed contradictions.

Whatever comment you choose to write, just make sure it gets noticed. This technique is a clear example that answers the question; “are advertising and marketing the same thing?” The answer is still no since comment tagging is more focused on advertising.

  1. Register for eBay and other Sites

eBay is among one of the most useful sites for small business owners, as it allows you to post your products and services for free on their site.

What started as an auction site has now become a full-blown shopping page, where various stores can post their products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your product’s reach and register for various shopping sites.

Various companies that are experts in handling digital marketing will offer various SEO packages and pricing to their customers. Depending on your knowledge, the extensiveness of their work and effort for your business will also be affected too.

If you’re completely unaware of such matters, you might get charged more, as you’ll have to hand over the reins to your marketing campaigns. However, when you have basic knowledge regarding online advertising, you’ll have the chance to get charged less on their SEO packages and pricing because you can tweak the campaign to your preference. Try to follow these tips first to have more knowledge and less money spent on digital marketing.

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