Should you go for free Cloud hosting/ VPS hosting services or not?

To enjoy an online presence, you must have a web hosting solution. A good hosting solution will make your website accessible to online users. To do that, you need a reliable and steady hosting solution. The best two options available to host your websites are cloud servers, and virtual private server hosting solutions. It is your choice whether to use free or paid hosting services. You can host your website on the web with free or paid virtual private servers and cloud hosting. 

Free or paid hosting services have their advantages and disadvantages, so you ought to watch out for these factors to decide which is best for you. Make sure that your hosting needs are met by a cloud server or a VPS, whichever you choose. 

In this article, we will help you understand VPS hosting and Cloud hosting and should you go for free services or paid. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

The data is spread over multiple physical servers that are located in different places in cloud hosting solutions, which differ from other hosting solutions. The data can scale, be reliable, and be flexible in cheap cloud hosting India. These servers are linked virtually in order to create a cloud. Multiplying virtual machines (VMs) can be done in this virtual environment.

Software-based Virtual Machines (VMs) behave like physical servers, despite the fact they are purely software. Dedicated servers behave like virtual machines. Data is not transferred from one virtual machine to another since each virtual machine is set up privately for each individual. Each VM contains applications such as your website, as well as hosting software and tools.

What is VPS Hosting? 

Hosting services for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also known as Private Cloud hosting. A virtualization mechanism is used to construct the servers. A single virtual machine can have multiple slots; these create a dedicated environment. A dedicated set of resources can be allocated to each slot, but typically the technology takes a time-sharing model.

VPS hosting is a good choice if you want to run multiple sites, each with several pages and plugins. It is also excellent if you anticipate thousands of visitors each month. A VPS is large enough to accommodate a multisite installation as well.

Should I Consider Free or Paid VPS/Cloud Hosting Solution?

Here we are going to help you make the best choice for your business. Compare your hosting services on the basis of the following factors:


An individual can host a website for free with free web hosting packages. The user will not have to pay the registration or other costs every month. By contrast, a paid web hosting package would require some form of payment. It is more common than not that companies offering paid web hosting offer yearly discounts. 


If your website is slow to load, you are sure to lose potential revenue and visitors. Speed is another factor that you have to consider while considering a free or paid hosting solution. Usually, free hosting provides limited bandwidth, which affects your website’s performance. 

It will result in your website loading slowly. If you use a paid hosting solution, this issue is rarely a concern since unlimited bandwidth comes inclusive depending on what package you choose.

Web Space 

It is natural for free web hosting services to limit the amount of web space available for websites. Needless to say, this proves to be a handicap when trying to expand an online business. However, those who pay for web hosting services enjoy unlimited web space. This helps expand online businesses without any hindrance.

Why shouldn’t you go for free hosting services? 

There are some drawbacks that come with free hosting services, including the inability to use the user’s domain name. Instead, the web server will get the subdomain. This leads to poor branding for websites.

There’s also the matter of online companies offering free hosting packages placing their ad banners on visitors’ websites. These advertisements can be distracting and annoying for visitors, which can result in decreased revenue. Free hosting packages cannot compete with paid services, as you can see in the above chart. 

Beginners looking to start their Internet Marketing journey without spending a dime can certainly benefit from free web hosting packages. Meanwhile, those who have the financial means to spend some money on hosting services should opt for paid solutions to enjoy all the web hosting facilities without any fuss.


No matter whether you pick free hosting services or paid hosting services, make sure it brings you fruitful results and provide your business with great success. So wait no more and find the best hosting solution that perfectly meets your business needs. 

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