Spiti valley: A complete travel guide

Spiti Valley, a name that creates many images in the minds of those who have never been there. Although some picture green hills, mountain streams, waterfalls, others see it as a barren desert, the cold desert that is exactly the same as Ladakh. Whatever the image, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. A trip to Spiti is something you will enjoy for a long time, maybe for the rest of your life. The word “Spiti” literally means “Middle Land”; because it is actually a country between Tibet and India. And for this reason, it has a unique combination of Indian and Tibetan culture. The distinctive way of life found mainly in the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs is so well-established that it is difficult to distinguish them.

Is Spiti Valley worth it?

I will start with it because you are one of the most frequently asked questions. Many people are confused between a visit to Ladakh or the Spiti Valley and wonder if the Spiti Valley is worth a visit. It will be a journey you will remember for the rest of your life. This tour will give you a taste of many things about vistas and traditions. The slow transition from the green hills of Kinnaur to the barren Spiti brown to Manali green will surprise you. Snow white and mountainous and blue on the lakes here is unlike any other. You will discover a completely different part of our country and meet people who follow a very different culture than yours. Yes, Spiti Valley is well worth it and you should visit here. In many ways, it would actually be much better than visiting Ladakh.

When to visit Spiti Valley

This is the first question that comes to mind when you are considering a trip. Choosing the right time to travel in my opinion is very important; both in terms of luxury and sightseeing. Spiti Valley opens by road every 12 months. When to go to Spiti will depend on your preferences but most tours take place in the months from June to September. This is the time when both routes; Shimla and Manali; stay open. See the article below for more details on what month to expect; and which may be most appropriate.

Is Spiti Safe?

This is a question that needs to be considered and answered before visiting a new place. In my opinion, a person’s safety is entirely in his hands and the decisions he makes are driven. What you should know about Spiti Valley is that the roads here can be very rough, narrow and sometimes dangerous to drive on. So you will need some driving experience (especially in the mountains) before you can bring your car here. You never want to be your first time behind a wheel on a hillside. In that case I would recommend that you take a short trip to another mountain station and drive to Spiti. The people here are very humble and kind. Most of this valley is just ordinary citizens and the level of crime here is close to unity. So as long as you were driving sensibly, you did not risk unnecessary danger, you did not wander alone in the field alone, you did not quarrel with anyone; then Spiti Valley is the safest place to visit.

Spiti Valley Permits

Spiti Valley permits remain a topic of real confusion. In short, as an Indian citizen, you do not need a Spiti Valley permit. You are free to travel in the circuit at any time of the year. As an outsider, you will need a travel permit but only for traveling in the vicinity of Shipki La Pass (between Pooh and Nako). If an outsider leaves Manali for Kaza only, they do not need a permit. From the Shimla side, no permit is required to travel as far as Reckong Peo but is required to cross over to Peo.

How to Prepare for a Spiti Valley Tour

Once you have decided when to go, the next in line comes the question of how to prepare. You will need to carefully consider all aspects of the trip and pack accordingly. This will include packing the right kind of clothes, fixing your car and carrying all the essentials you will need for the trip.

Spiti Valley and family

Not so long ago, Spiti Valley was considered a destination for newcomers and motorcycle enthusiasts. At that time, people did not even know the name ‘Spiti Valley’ and those who knew it as a place near the border and no one went. However, much has changed in recent times. The number of people visiting Spiti is now growing year by year and the area is slowly changing into a popular tourist destination. That being said, there is no denying that it is still a high point where the landscape is not only challenging but also dangerous.

What to buy at Spiti Valley

Shopping is an essential part of any trip anywhere; especially if you are traveling with family. Spiti Valley is considered to be the most remote region but make no mistake; there is a lot you can buy to remember your time here. Warm Home Socks, Jersey, Shawl, Roasted Barley, Dried Cheese, Barley Powder, Sea Buckthorn Tea are some of the items most commonly purchased by guests. But the list goes on and on.

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