Complete Guide On How To Split Screen In Windows 10

Split screen in the general terms refers to spiliting up of the screen either horizontally or vertically i.e having different screens at a single instance. You can keep several windows open at a single time and use any of them.

You don’t need to buy any other third-party split software because you can get help in Windows 10. It offers a built-in split screen functionality if you want to work on two or more windows simultaneously in Windows 10. You can have up to four windows on the same screen. Let’s get started and know more about this feature & how it can help you to maximise your productivity.

Key Features of Split Screen

  • Pre-defined feature.
  • Enables the user to view different sections of the single document or different files at once.
  • Run multiple applications at a single moment of time.
  • Split your screen into multiple windows and get maximum productivity.
  • Snapped windows will retain their position even if they are minimized, open other windows, or split more windows.
  • You can only have four windows on the same screen.

Windows 10 provides a feature called “Snap Assist” that facilitates you to drag & drop a window to the part of the screen you want to snap it.

Snap Assist

You need to enable Multitasking in settings to use the split-screen functionality. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Settings from the Windows logo on the desktop or by pressing Windows key + I on the  keyboard,  click on the System.
  • From the left panel, navigate to the Multitasking tab.
  • Turn ON the slider under Snap windows & enable all other toggles present.

How To Use Split Screen In Windows 10

After enabling the multitasking feature, there are two different ways to use the split screen feature. You can either drag and drop using a mouse or through keyboard shortcuts.

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Select the window or application on your computer you want to split.
  • Press Windows + Left (or Right) key together to place the split windows on the screen. The right arrow key shifts the window to the right side of the screen and left arrow key shifts the window to the left side.
  • Select the second window for the split screen.
  • To resize the windows, adjust the divider according to your preference and need.
  • An optional feature of Splitting your screen into quarters i.e 4 windows in a single screen at one time.
  • Snap window to left or right half of the screen :  Press Win + left/right arrow
  • Snap window to corner/quarter of screen: Win + left/right arrow then up/down arrow
  • Full screen window : Press Win + up arrow until full screen
  • Convert quarter window to half window: Press Win + up/down arrow

Method 2: Using Drag and Drag

Want to do it in a faster way using keyboard shortcuts?

  • Select the application or window you wish to snap on the half of the screen, drag it to the corner.
  • It will display the exact location where the screen will be snapped and a see-through will appear on the window.
  • If other windows or applications are open, choice will be given to fill the second empty space.  Click on your choice window, and by default it will get snapped into the opposite side of the first window.
  •  Place the mouse cursor over the dividing line and let it convert into an arrow. Drag the divider left or right to resize the two windows accordingly.

Two or more windows snapping

You can snap two or more than two windows on a single screen by the use of Corner snap, if you have a high definition screen.

Adjusting Size Of The Windows

By default, screen space is equally divided among windows but can be customized and adjusted according to the needed dimensions.

  • Hold the dividing line between any two windows and adjust the size.

Turning Off Snap Assist And Adjusting Settings

You can easily disable Snap Assist by following these steps:

  • Press the Settings app in the windows logo that appears on the desktop.
  • Navigate through the System tab.
  • Navigate through Multitasking listed on the left pane.
  • Slide the Toggle displayed under Snap Windows to disable this feature.

Instead of disabling Snap Assist features completely, rather try disabling it with few features. Just skip the last step and remove the selected checkboxes.

Alternatively, you can minimize windows by pressing the Desktop button located at the bottom-right right corner.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut keys  Windows key + D to minimize the windows.

Customize grids with a third-party app

Using the baked-in feature in Windows 10 is quite preferable but there are an array of third-party applications that provide you with some extra features. Using these apps, you can have a more precise, grid-like design to your windows so that you can place and use all the tools as & when required.

Conclusion :

In the recent versions of Windows10 snapping feature allows 4 windows in a single screen and this is a major advantage, as it helps users to work efficiently without swapping between the windows. It is very easy to apply & use and can be customized depending upon the requirement and need of the user.

We hope you must have got the basic knowledge on How to split screen in Windows 10.

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