Step-By-Step Instructions For Crafting A Problem Solution Essay

To compose a problem-solving paper, you need to have a writing capacity that is remarkable and to convince the reader that the existing problem really needs an arrangement. You also have to explain why your arrangement proposition is the finest arrangement to the existing problem.

It is vital to understand that in scholastic the kind of paper we write differs from subject to subject. With regard to a specific subject, you need to choose a suitable topic and clarify why it is important to deal with that subject.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to compose problem-solution expositions and make them remarkable and effective in each feasible way.

When it comes to writing a problem-solution essay, our team of academic writers will be glad to help you get started. Here are some tips to make the process easier. You can also find a good topic for your paper and choose the best solution.

Let’s get started,

Key components of a problem solution essay

It is necessary to include the following four angles in an issue and arrangement exposition:

  • The Circumstance: This opening portion is where the establishment of the issue lies. It isn’t a presentation within the sense simply may be familiar with or a theoretical that covers the aggregate of your proposal. Or maybe, it could be a brief and direct briefing that will make a layman commonplace with the circumstance at hand.
  • The Issue: This portion gives specifics of the issue. Point by point dismemberments of evidence take put here; we’ll abridge those afterwards within the assessment area.
  • The Arrangement: This component covers push-back particular arrangements you’ll experience. A portion of an adjusted reply is considering your opponents’ viewpoints and guaranteeing that they address their presumptions and points.
  • The Assessment: In this segment, it is pivotal to type in with brevity and mind; this will make your position important. Perusers will regularly keep in mind the final portion of expositions they examined, so make sure this portion represents the whole essay.

What topic should I choose for my problem solution essay?

When you first start writing your paper, it is important to think about the problems that bother you or that are not suitable for your solution. Then, you should be able to generate a good solution.

  • Create a list of issues you need to address

Determine what you’re concerned about and try to identify which group or issue belongs to the problem. Eliminate issues from your solutions one by one until there are no more left. When you finish your paper you can simply move on to your topic.

  • Make a strategy 

Once you’ve listed all the issues that merely may experience while writing your article, now you need to make a suitable method or plan for the arrangement. This procedure will enable you to figure out the top possible arrangement for your article. Keep in mind that the issue does not need to be a big one but you should have the capacity to convince others that it needs to be illuminated or at the least improved.

  • Ensure that the reader cares

Don’t be simplistic in your description of the issue. Don’t be too obvious. Create a style of writing that will pull readers in and create interest. Tell the reader why this issue matters. Why should they care? There are several ways to pull readers in. Give them shocking insights that will stun them. Make them feel for someone by sharing an honest personal story. Or, clarify how this issue developed from an ordinary one to a great cause.

You should pick a topic where you already have some knowledge so that you can easily go through the process of conducting research and produce a well-written essay.

If you are stuck on how to find a suitable topic, go through the lists below to see which of the areas your topics are related to. You can then pick the one that suits your preferences. If you still cannot find a topic that meets your requirements, buy essay help online and get professional assistance.

  • Relationships
  • Social Issues
  • Sports
  • College Life
  • Education
  • Family Life
  • Driving and Transportation
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Bullying in school
  • Credit card debt
  • Dangers of procrastination
  • Endangered species
  • Fracking
  • Fractures in family relationships
  • Obesity
  • An overabundance of time spent on social media
  • Pollution
  • Safety issues in online dating
  • Teen suicide
  • Violation of Americans’ privacy rights
  • Work-life balance

Now that you have finished planning and collecting information, it’s time to put that knowledge into an essay.

Finding a solution

The major purpose of the problem-solving essay is to determine the perfect solution for the problem. The solution you come up with must possess the following qualities:

  • It must be implemented easily
  • The solution must be effective at solving of the problem
  • It must be cost-efficient 
  • It should be feasible

Problem solution essay outline

When you work on your essay, make sure to organize every part of the essay well. You should also be sure to include all the important information, and that it is well-written.

Here are some key objectives of your essay.

  1. Your essay must have the capability to gain the attention of the reader
  2. You should try to convince your reader that the problem is important and it needs to be solved
  3. Your explanation for the solution must be concise and clear
  4. Represent your solution in front of the reader in such a way so that he could find it cost-effective and feasible
  5. Convince your reader that your solution is better than other solutions


In the introduction, it’s important to discuss the problem clearly and make sure the reader understands the reason why it needs to be solved. Then, you should try to provide detailed information on why it needs to be solved and then state your thesis statement.

These tips will help you work with your introduction while you’re writing your paper:

  • If the problem is unknown you should try to explain it in a better way with a complete explanation
  • If the problem is familiar then you should try to paint a vivid picture
  • Always remember you are required to convince the reader in both situation. So it is quite necessary for you that your essay introduction must be concise and clear


Now that you’ve written your introduction, ask yourself what you want to know. Then provide your answers in the thesis statement.

Meanwhile, here are some tips

  • Always try to state your solution in a single sentence
  • Your thesis statement should come after you explain the problem

Problem – solution essay structure

An essay should have three or more paragraphs and they must include a relevant solution for the given problem. They should also detail how this solution can solve the problem.

It must also describe how it will be charged and how the user can make money off of it. Be sure to provide sufficient evidence that the solution will be successful for the given problem and it will have the capability to create positive outcomes.

Meanwhile, the body of your essay will seek to argue that your solution is the best one

  • Will solve the problem
  • It is cost-efficient
  • It is feasible to implement
  • Provide the most reasonable solution to the problem
  • It can stand up to possible objections
  • Better than other solutions

It is important to consider all of these objectives when making an argument.

Writing the conclusion

In most papers, there is only one paragraph, but if you want a great ending, then you need to convince your reader that you’ve found the best possible solution for the given problem.

Here are some effective ideas

  • Explain to the reader what should happen for the given problem
  • Describe how the solution will change if your plan is adopted
  • Make an initial framework  that will showcase the theme of your arguments about the solution and how it will work
  • Provide a real-life example of a scenario for sowing reliability of your arguments
  • Cite convincing facts, statistics, testimony on the solution or the problem

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