Steps to Restart Canon Printer Spooler Service

CISS is equipment that allows users to connect to an existing printer to boost the output or help it function more effectively. This means that printers produce more pages than they’re made to. In addition, Continuous ink System Installation (CISS) that is installed on printers can cause more ink spills and absorb into the pad, leading to Canon printer reset.

Possible Rectification

This is only applicable to multifunctional printers. For non-multifunctional printers, you should contact the Canon Printer Support number. You can also reset your printer back to the factory settings it came with. The best method to fix any problems that you have with printing equipment is to reset it to its original settings.

The multifunctional printer can be fixed simply by putting the printer in service mode. This causes the printer to believe that the pads for ink absorption are empty.

1: Firstly, turn on your canon multifunction printer.

2: Next, you can press the menu button for the printer.

3: To switch on service mode, users must turn on their Canon printer in service mode. To turn on service mode, users must use the SCAN/COPY as well as SCAN button together. The menu for service mode is accessible in English similar to the BIOS menu on a computer.

4: For access to the option COUNTER-ACCESS Press +. Then, press OK.

5: On the screen of your printer the user will see a count of pages. The number shown on the screen of your printer will show how many pages have been print.

6: After that, you can press OK.

7: After that, click the Copy button.

8: For a lower score you can use the -key to change it to zero. Click OK.

9: Make use of the (+ symbol for navigation to the menu. Once you have reached SCAN PAGE COUNT stop by pressing the (+ symbol. The counter needs to be reset to zero(0) in order to remove the number of our Canon page counter of the printer. It is only accessible in the mode of service.

10: Scroll through the options until seeing ABSM DOENT COUNT. Make sure to click OK to reset your score back to zero(0)

11: Once everything is complete Press the stop/reset button.

12: Turn off the button on the printer off and on again.

There will be the INVALID key message appearing at the bottom of the computer’s screen. If this happens, you need to disconnect the power cable and reconnect it. This is how you can solve this issue. For more information, contact Canon Printer Support number.

Only a functioning Canon Printer can be used to meet your printing requirements. In the event that your Canon printer is showing an Offline state, you won’t be able to print. There are three methods to resolve the issue. Before we look at the solutions, it’s essential to make sure the printer is hook up to the power source. Sometimes, the issue could result from a network malfunction. Make sure you start your router again. If you’re not having any of these issues you could use the suggestions listed below or connect with Canon experts by calling their Canon Printer Support number.

Method 1: Turn off the Offline Function of Your Printer

  • To launch Control Panel, click Start Menu. To access the Control Panel desktop application, select to open the Start Menu and type Control Panel into the search box.
  • Then, click Hardware & Sound and click Devices & Printers.
  • Right-click on the Canon Printer you wish to search the Printer’s Catalog.
  • Select “See Printing” and then “See”.
  • Visit Printers to ensure whether there is no “Use the Printer offline” option isn’t check.
  • Select the printer one again and select “Cancel All Papers”.

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to easily restart your Canon Printer Spooler Service. If you require assistance contact us at our support phone number to talk with one of our experts.

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