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Take Care of Your Skin Cosmeceutically with These Tips

Skincare is considered one of the most important components of good health. Although the skin naturally undergoes cell turnover, it is essential to protect and nourish it during the in-betweens. It is, therefore, crucial to build a routine in taking care of the body’s largest organ and be consistent with it.

Many cosmeceutical skin care products are available today, promising to enhance your appearance and improve cell function. These creams and serums promise to reduce acne, wrinkling, and dark spots while keeping the skin hydrated and protected from intense solar radiation.

As more biologically active ingredients-induced cosmeceuticals are being developed, here are some benefits to convince you to purchase these medical-grade topicals:

They are Accessible

You can buy both cosmetics and cosmeceuticals over-the-counter, but the latter is the only option that offers therapeutic effects. As long as your skin concern isn’t serious enough to require a prescription, you can purchase a medical-grade topical in the market.

Alternatively, you can also consult a professional for a diagnosis, after which you can also buy these topicals from their clinic. 

Cosmeceuticals help keep your skin healthy by minimizing the fine lines on your face and evening your skin tone and complexion. Their ability to penetrate deep past the stratum corneum enables these effects. In addition, these products aim to improve the capacity of the cells to function well physiologically.

They Can Reduce Acne and Blemishes

Acne can come in different forms: blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and cystic ones. Therefore, it is important to know which one you are struggling with and if you need to seek a dermatologist. Nevertheless, numerous cosmeceutical skin care products may help in your everyday acne dilemma.

Salicylic acid or Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) cleans up oil and debris deep in the pores to prevent breakouts from happening. Alpha and poly-hydroxy acids are sourced from fruits and aim to brighten your skin by promoting cell turnover. These acids target signs of skin aging while improving the skin absorption of succeeding products and nutrients.

Keeping your skin well-hydrated is essential even for an oily or acne-prone individual. The collagen matrix-inducing hyaluronic acid can help prevent your cutis from drying up. In addition, you can also apply non-comedogenic causing creams, moisturizers, and foundations to your face for more protection.

They Can Brighten Your Skin Tone

As your body ages, the ability of your skin to produce collagen reduces. Experts say that your body’s ability to regenerate collagen naturally reduces up to 1.5% per year. Thus, protecting and strengthening your skin against this natural phenomenon is paramount.

Many internal and external factors can cause further damage to your skin. For example, environmental radicals may come from too much sun exposure and pollution. Internally, cellular metabolism may inherently produce these free radicals.

Antioxidants can help clear your skin from these radicals. Many skincare products are now infused with nicotinamide, tea tree oil, and ubiquinone. They reduce redness and inflammation while protecting your skin from worse ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage and cancer.

They Can Reduce Scars

Acne scars and stretch marks alike can be burdensome to some individuals. Although they occur naturally, they can visually affect your appearance. Therefore, minimizing or getting rid of them can be huge confidence boosters.

Applying cosmeceuticals can be for you if you’re looking for non-surgical or non-laser invasive techniques. Vitamin E, in particular, improves skin elasticity. Though it may not heal the scars directly, it provides the skin with the nutrition it needs to heal.

Topicals include Vitamin E in their formulation as it is an antioxidant that focuses on reducing damage from solar radiation. You can combine the product with Vitamin C to reduce the percentage of collagen breaking down. The vitamin’s anti-inflammatory function keeps the skin moisturized while this synergistic effect occurs.

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