The best sites to watch football matches in streaming

This is an informative and educational guide, I do not recommend using illegal streaming sites to watch football matches, as you may have problems with your country’s law.

In addition, there are currently legal sites where you can watch football in HD, without complications and which we can take advantage of.

William Hill TV

This is an immediate solution, as registration takes no more than 2 minutes. This betting site allows you to follow Serie A and international leagues online matches, as well as almost all sporting events.

You don’t need to have a balance or place any bets. You read that right! It is not necessary to bet even 1 cent to follow all the free games in streaming.Bilasport also offers live streaming of all sports events. 

Streaming on Sky

Sky gives us the opportunity to watch 7 out of 10 Serie A TIM matches, every day exclusively. In addition to being able to see the matches of the European Championship and women’s football of Serie A and the Italian Cup.

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Illegal streaming football sites

I recommend using them, just to watch free games, as paid games must be viewed on platforms that have audiovisual rights.

They’re free and great, but if they broadcast games that aren’t free, they’re committing an illegality. 

So, in order to see them, you will need to do a few things, like using a VPN service or changing your DNS.

The disadvantage of this type of website is that most of the time. They have excessive advertising or they can even put viruses on them.


Rojadirecta is synonymous with streaming football, or at least it has been for many years, until, as often happens with this type of site, justice has declared it illegal. Right now there are only a few clones that can be found easily, even if they are not legal and I do not recommend them.

My tips

There are methods for watching live football that is much simpler and even legal, such as subscribing to any TV or streaming platform, and enjoying all the football for the first month for free (then unsubscribe and sign up under another name. ). Or go to betting sites like William Hill, where you can watch matches without spending anything.

If you decide to go to websites that are not legal, it is very likely that in addition to a good antivirus you will need the following:


These types of websites usually have legal problems. There are many countries that have blocked them if you have problems logging in from Italy.

you will probably change IP to that of another country where such content has not been blocked. You can do this with a VPN service, which will help you keep your anonymity as well


If sites are blocked by DNS. You should change what your internet operator offers you. Then, access the configuration. Your browser and modify them with those that I will give you below. In this way, you will access these sites through other DNS, such as Google’s: Google’s

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