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The Radha Krishna Paintings Saga – a journey into the past

What is it that motivates everyone in the world? Is it fame, fortune, power, or clout that counts?

Nothing compares to the divinity and piety of true love, whatever it is.

This is what various painters have been attempting to portray throughout history by making fascinating artworks.

As a result, some love stories, such as the one between Radha and Krishna, are everlasting in nature.

Mystique is another enticing subject line that grabs people’s attention.

However, if you want to see the theme that has been and continues to be a constant throughout Indian art, it is love.

Although artists have been prone to displaying the ugliness and hypocrisy of societal standards, as well as the injustices .

Bad behaviors, portraying pure love via painting remains one of the most popular topic lines for Indian artists.

Radha Krishna paintings are the greatest option for people who love art and want to buy paintings that are a representation of real love.

History Branches – Radha Krishna Art’s Beginnings

Radha and Krishna are the only two names we ever use together. The couple, strangely enough, did not marry each other. You’ll have to delve deep into Hindu literature to figure out what binds Radha and Krishna together. 

Their love was an inspiration for painters thousands of years ago, and it continues to inspire current artisans.

Let’s take a look back in time at the various art genres that have taken on the theme of Radha and Krishna.

Madhubani Paintings Online 

This is one of the oldest Indian art styles, thought to have originated during the time of the epic Ramayana.

The magnificent artwork on the walls of the damaged mud huts caught the attention of a British officer.

Madhubani paintings primarily focus around the principal theme of Radha Krishna, with women being the primary creators.

Radha and Krishna are depicted against a backdrop of floral and geometric patterns with a touch of classic art style that is beautifully pleasing to the sight.

Madhubani art also includes a diverse range of styles.

The Phad Paintings Online 

Phad paintings online  are known to be a reservoir of earliest and religious-themed Radha Krishna artworks, having originated in the state of Rajasthan around 700 years ago.

The first Radha Krishna artwork in Phad art is thought to have been created during the 13th and 14th centuries.

To one’s surprise, painters employed rice and wheat flour instead of colors in the early days of this art form.

Wrap up

Radha Krishna paintings with a trace of abstraction, impressionism, and a contemporary touch can now be found.

This demonstrates that, despite the emergence of new art forms, artists’ urge to tell the storey of Radha Krishna is unavoidable.

Having said that, the allure and popularity of Radha Krishna art will never wane.

So, while you explore more tips and tricks with us, grab in the best Indian oil paintings for yourself from Indian Art Ideas. Enhance the essence of your house and create a corner of peace and beauty for yourself. 


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