Things to Carry In Kedarnath Yatra

Planning for the sacred pilgrimage yatra of Kedarnath? Then I need to get well prepared before starting the journey. The Kedarnath Yatra is power-packed with the devotion of Lord Shiva. For this toughest journey, one should be tough from the mind and physically too. The journey which starts from a 

the high altitude from Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand is a bit hectic. There are several tips and tricks to make this journey quite easier and pleasant. The proper things to keep accompanying in the journey will make a soothing and hassle-free Kedarnath Yatra.

The Things Must Carry In Kedarnath Yatra

Basic Essentials

  • An id proof i.e Aadhar card, some photocopies of ids
  • Raincoat and backpack
  • Floaters, extra pair of shoes

Light Baggage Needs to be Carry in Kedarnath Yatra

Carry only the most required stuff with you don’t take any other non-required things with you. Take less stuff and be more minimalistic in the journey. Priorities your luggage to carry less baggage.

Warm Woolen Clothes

The weather at Kedarnath is always cold in any season. Although it is summer the temperature is quite cool and windy. Always cover yourself with woolen clothes and layer clothing is preferred. To avoid unwanted colds and coughs you need to keep yourself warm.

  • Almost 2 pairs of quick-dry Tees and track pants
  • At least 1 pair of t-shirt
  •  3 pairs of cotton socks, 2 pairs of woolen cloths
  • At least 2 full sleeves sweaters or fleece jacket
  • Down feather jacket
  • One sun cap, sun scarf, light towel, gloves
  • One woolen cap or balaclava that covers the ear
  • Dark Uv sunlight
  •  Carry a few plastic bags to not litter often

Medical Kit

Those who are already on some medications need to carry their personal medicines. Apart from this one should also get prepared with the general medical kit which contains general medicines and a first aid kit. Sometimes fortunately or unfortunately if anything miss hap happened then one must get prepared.

Needs to be included

  • Crocin – at least 6 tablets
  • Vomistop-  at least 4 tablets
  • Combliflam – 4 tablets at least
  • Disprin – 6 tablets at least
  • Band-aid – 10 strips
  • Digene – 6 tablets at least
  • Cotton – 1 roll
  • ORS – 4 packages at least to prevent dehydration
  • Betadine –  For minor injuries
  • Iodex, Moov/ Volini spray (for any unavoidable pain)

Good Pair of Shoes

As the very long journey and long walks must have good pair of shoes. To walk around 18km that is about 9 hours of walk. In winters one can easily walk on snow. As a trekker, this will be a good investment. 

Healthy Food

As the good healthy packed food will give you lot of strength and also will keep you warm in cold conditions. A protein, granola bar packed with dry fruits which are easy to carry and give you energy.

Water Bottle

Trekking and long walks take out a lot of water from your muscles and for that matter, one needs to drink plenty of water throughout the journey.


During some months the weather at Kedarnath is very heavy rain so an umbrella is an essential thing to carry.


At Kedarnath, Jio and BSNL network is quite hassle-free so, be ready with this SIM card to connect with your loved ones or family.

Other Types of Equipment

Headlamps and torches are a must carry, trekking, or hiking pole. Camera with memory cards.

Personal Trekking Kit

  • Toilet ket, Toilet paper, Sanitizer, Toothbrush, Toothpaste
  • Lip balm, cold cream, sunscreen lotion
  • Antifungal creams – If you are susceptible to fungal infections due to sweating then carry antifungal creams

These are many things one should carry for Kedarnath Yatra to have the most comfortable journey. Waiting for what now, pack your bags and start for the journey of the most holistic Kedarnath Yatra. This is the checklist that you can refer to for your further packing of Char Dham yatra. Many things one can carry endlessly for comfort but just remember that you won’t carry big luggage because meanwhile in the journey you may have to carry the luggage. So, take only very many essentials and unavoidable things with you. Also, keep in mind that you won’t carry valuable things with you.

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