Tips To Help You Switch To A Gothic Wardrobe

Gothic wardrobe is all about treating yourself to darker elements of aesthetics and style. As you transition to gothic fashion, you also pull away from the mainstream style and embrace an alternative styling, which sets you apart. However, switching to this different and relatively dark trend would take you through a series of pleasant changes as you step into the world of Goths.

Gothic clothing is also mysterious, antiquated, and often genderless. However, today gothic clothing men and women’s gothic clothing are easily recognizable. The characteristic dark features of women’s clothing are often highlighted with a touch of red, whereas men prefer dark shades of purple.

Wholesale clothing suppliers have a stunning range of women’s gothic dresses. While these dresses are usually black, the cut, fit, and layering adds volumes to the attire. Complementing Gothic jewellery only makes them look more mysterious and homogenous, as Goths would like.

Let the transition begin.

Add Black Corsets to Women’s Gothic Dresses

The clinging corsets are no longer in fashion, as you might have seen in the 18th-century images. Back then, tightening corsets was too difficult. Some women would even faint while wearing one. Crux, corsets were synonymous with oppression.

However, as times changed and corsets evolved, it has become the most versatile piece of women’s gothic clothing. Corsets endured testing times only to be embraced wholeheartedly by gothic women. Let’s chuck those Victorian-age corsets and adapt the loose, comfortable, and stylish ones. This type of women’s gothic clothing is not too tight to create pressure.

womens gothic clothing

Corsets are a much preferred part of Gothic fashion because it defines and highlights the shape of a woman’s waist. Black corsets can be paired with staple Gothic clothing like a long ruffled skirt. Almost anybody can carry it with grace.

Amplify With Leather Jackets

To intensify the gothic look and style, add a leather jacket to your closet. To transition from mundane clothing to Gothic style, a plain leather jacket in the black colour is all you need. Leather jackets can be excellent. These comfortable outfits go with almost any look you want to wear to be the right Goth. Pair them with graphic tees, assassin hoodies, or combat boots, and let the signature black leather jacket steal the show.

Wholesale ethnic clothing for goths has a collection of rocker and bomber leather jackets. These are the hottest gothic basics to have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a tight black women’s gothic dress with spiked heels for those ogling eyes.

gothic jacket womens

Graphic Gothic Tees

Skulls are primary gothic fashion symbols. It dates back to the Victorian times when skulls represented mourning. Today, it only makes sense that skulls symbolize life as well as death. Goths who contemplate the purpose of life would love to add skull tees to their wardrobe as a significant choice. Graphic tees can add that personal touch to your outfit. Whether you prefer a printed pattern or a dark quote of a tombstone, a statement print can make a difference.

Pitch Black Leggings

Black leggings pair with any attire and every occasion. You can readily wear one while at work, studying, and shopping. Gothic leggings go well with knee-high boots in faux leather. You can also pair them with a favourite bomber jacket and sneakers. They are one dependable Gothic style that goes from basic to extraordinaire.

You can pair them with a chosen long-sleeved shirt or skull tee for a casual day. If you are going to work, combine the look with a tank top (formal, of course) and a blazer. With this look, wear high heels, not flats. That completes your badass look while still keeping it professional.

women's gothic dresses

Cool Combat Boots

Before switching to a complete gothic wardrobe, get your footwear right. As you are just turning gothic, it is very important to know that the choice of footwear carries the look. A dark pair of essential combat boots can do the trick, though studded heels and high-heeled boots are equally preferable.

Combat boots are the most basic footwear for gothic transition. These are not just comfortable and badass boots, but also the ultra-stylish footwear that never goes out of trend. So buy a rugged and chunky pair of combat boots for a complete gothic ensemble.

Black is not the only option when it comes to gothic footwear. You can try indigo or purple. Some goths get quirky with colours and choose dark red. You can also go for lighter colours like pastel Goth and steampunk Goth, which use bright neon colours. Do not go overboard. The only trick of the trade is to look dissident and not like any combat-ready assassin.

Pewter Finer Rings

Gothic jewellery expresses inner emotions more than anything else does. Unique gothic-style rings are liberating. Pewter rings are one such example of classic accessories for goths. Choose one with a meaningful dark engraved symbol or a gem-encrusted skill. The best thing about the gothic trend is that any type of jewellery goes well with the style, whether it is a choker, a bracelet, or a ring.

Women’s Gothic Dresses

When you think of gothic dresses, ruffled gowns are the first things you might remember. However, the world has progressed and not all such dresses are designed to give you that princess-like look. You can wear a professional or a chic look with contemporary Gothic dresses.

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