Top 4 Best Languages for Backend Web Development in 2022

The search for the most effective backend development languages in 2022 isn’t likely to be coming to an end. While predicting the future of a constantly changing sector, such as software development isn’t a simple task We’ve had a go at it. However we’re not fortune-tellers therefore, instead of using tools for forecasting we’ll use our expertise and experience to give you the answer to the question which one to select for the development for the future of backend technology in 2022?

The journey from AI to Cloud From AI to Cloud regarding trends in the field of software development than for humans. But the diversity and complexity of the IT world makes constructing an exhaustive forecast almost impossible. So, we’re providing you the following list of backend web development languages which could be helpful in early 2022’s quarter. Enjoy your time!

Python is One of the Most Sought-After Programming Languages

To begin, Python does exceptionally well in the popularity ranking of users of the community. Python was named (for the fourth consecutive time) it’s TIOBE Programming Language of the year 2020. It also had the highest rate of growth in a single period of time (2.01 percentage). The TIOBE Index is a programming chart of languages based on the quality and quantity of professionals around the world and the number of classes offered. Based on the Stack Overflow Survey of Developers 2020 shows, Python is also ranked third as the most loved programming technology (66.7 percent of respondents consider it their top option). ).

If you’re looking to begin your own software development project The popularity of your idea is one thing to consider in mind. When you’re planning to establish an efficient internal team or seek out an experienced tech partner to build your software, selecting an industry-wide platform will assist you to start the process of development.

What Makes Python the Most Suitable Option to Develop Backends?

Python can unlock all its potential when it comes to developing web-based applications, machine learning and Fintech. Due to its ability to grow, it’s an ideal choice for startups. There’s a myriad of Python applications that we’ve detailed in our description of what they can be used to do. As you can see, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to create a massive or small digital product it’s likely that you’ll locate the ideal Python framework and a seasoned team quickly.

When looking for a partner to assist in the launch of your Python project, bear in mind that one thing be sure they’re using Python 3.9 since it comes with the most recent features.

Backend Development Choice #2: Golang

The second option for backend development in 2022 will be a statistically typed compiler-based programming language called Go which is also referred to as Golang. The language was initially launched in 2009 and was called”the” Programming Language of the Year by TIOBE twice before, but even though it’s not as widely known as Python it has been mentioned as the fifth most loved tech in the world by 62.3 percent of the Stack Overflow survey’s respondents in 2020.

Gradual Learning Curve

In addition, it’s simple to learn and use not just by beginners in programming, but also for experienced developers. On the other hand, if you read the Go specifications, you’ll notice that it’s syntax is straightforward and shouldn’t be too challenging to the novice IT professional. In addition, by taking an Interactive Tour of Go on the Go website that allows you to familiarize yourself with the Go language. On the other hand, the straightforward nature of the code in Golang allows it to learn by professionals who skill in a range of programming languages. For example, C# or C ++.

Backend Development Choice #3: Kotlin

60 percent of the top professional Android developers utilize the program. Kotlin is a major player in the field of programming. It is based in Sagara Technology; some of its benefits lie in Kotlin as a code-concise language. It can solve the most common issues that developers have to have to deal with, e.g., null references. Kotlin retains all the advantages of Java; however it offers a smaller version.

Kotlin attune to the essence of the latest SSR development. According to this Kotlin Roadmap shows, it can provide greater assistance to the development of servers. This is vital in today’s websites and interactions with users.

Built on JetBrains , Kotlin Multi-platform is a favorite among older programmers (with 61.4 per cent of the interviewed Kotlin developers who have at least five years’ experience in programming).

Spring.io A Kotlin Framework to Support Kotlin

According to JetBrains the Spring framework is the most well-known Kotlin-based framework, with approximately 50percent of the JVM-based applications which use it. Additionally, 16.4 percent of people are using Spring in the earlier discussed Stack Overflow Survey 220. The popularity of Spring is due to the easy and efficient techniques that it employs. One of them is the use of dependency injection, as well as inversions of control because of which dependencies are easy to identify and can easily resolve needs.

Backend Development Choice #4: Node.js

Isn’t it true that this article has mostly focused on programming languages? Yes, however, contrary to Python as well as Go, Node.js is a runtime environment. We can confirm that the removal of Node.js out of this listing is not a good idea. What’s the reason?

Enjoy all the benefits from JavaScript

Let’s begin from the beginning, which is the case that Node.js is a JavaScript-compatible software. This means that using it as a developing backend in 2020 will let users benefit from the many benefits that this programming language has to offer. The most significant benefit is its ubiquity.

To provide you with an understanding of the state of JavaScript, in the Annual Survey of 2019. Stack Overflow has – for the seventh time in a row – declared JavaScript the most used programming language. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected surprise when you choose to adopt Node.js as a part of your technology stack. You’ll be able to pick the most efficient option from the wide array of skilled JavaScript developers.


All of them are excellent backend web development languages. It is your choice which one you choose to develop your application. Also, you must focus on the needs of your project. A language that is well-known can be extremely beneficial when it is appropriate for your project.

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