Top Best shooter games for Android

Professional and/or serious shooter games are quickly becoming a long-term mobile video game industry trend. Both game programming and smartphones hardware have advanced to the point that smartphones can give top-tier gameplay, even in first-person shooters.

Conventional PC gamers may think this is crazy talk, but mobile shooters have carved out a nice niche within the pro-gaming community. Franchises like PUBG Mobile and Weapons of Boom have challenging esports leagues that can be beneficial to people who like to broadcast or try playing for money in a tournament. Mobile games, like other games online for console or Computer, reward teams that practice and train together, or you can just jump in and have some fun on your device.


Afterpulse is a powerful third-person shooter that can hold its own against Call of Duty: Mobile. It looks great, plays well, and offers a wide range of weapon possibilities. The developers are continually striving to improve the gameplay and incorporate community-requested additions.

There are numerous game types, maps, equipment, and optimization settings to choose from. If you want to spend some actual money, you can purchase skins. Skin care isn’t an issue with Afterpulse.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale

Bullet Hell Monday has generated a suitable replacement, Bullet Hell Monday Finale. You love them, you adore them. And now the famous Bullet Hell Monday has generated a worthy successor, Bullet Hell Monday Championship. This newer version retains the majority of the features that made the original game so popular. As well as adding a much-needed Endless Mode that allows experienced players to test the limits of the scoreboards.

You operate a ship and shoot your way through a gauntlet of bullet hells in classic arcade-shooter form. With only a few abilities at your disposal, you swipe to move and fight with one hand while tapping to throw explosives with the other. In the process of progressing, you’ll obtain new abilities. The learning curve can be steep at first. But there is an additional Easy. Mode, and here you can even skip stages that are appearing to be too difficult without incurring any penalties.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Because Call of Duty is amongst the most popular video game series of all time. It was only a matter of time before developer Activision launched a true mobile version of the game. COD Mobile allows you to play multiplayer with friends or people in a variety of ways. Each multiplayer match type is 4-on-4, with slightly detailed provisions depending on the mode you select:

Side Deathmatch is relatively normal fare, with random spawning points and each team battling to 50 kills (40 in a ranked battle).

Frontline is identical to Team Deathmatch, but the respawn points for each team are fixed on each side of the battlefield.

To earn points, each side must seize and hold capture points in Domination. The team that reaches the scoring limit first wins.

Critical Ops

One of the top first-person shooters android based is Critical Ops. There are three game modes to pick from: bomb disarm, team deathmatch, and shooting game. In which you cycle between different weapons after killing an opponent. With over one million daily active players, you’ll be able to join a game with little to no queue length.

You can also record your game with screen recording apps while you play and share with your friends your gameplay

It has a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare flavour to it, with a big dose of CounterStrike thrown in for good measure. Resulting in a best-of-both-worlds scenario with outstanding graphics and rock-solid controls. It’s free to play with in-app payments, but you can only buy gun skins, and the developers have promised that this game will never ever be pay to play

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a brutal first-person game set in a dark, dirty, and frightening nightmare. It has various RPG-lite components (such as character personality), gamepad support, a large campaign with side missions, tons of weapon and implant modifications to pursue, and more.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a sequel to Dead Trigger. On mobile, Dead Trigger 2 remains the classic zombie-shooting experience. The graphics are stunning, but the game doesn’t take itself seriously, with plenty of witty references and over-the-top enemies to slay. This version differs from the previous one in that users now have their very own refuge and a team to help them build things.

Garena Free Fire

Gamers have been seeking for a fresh way to get their addiction after Fortnite was tragically removed from the Play Store. Thankfully, there’s already a viable replacement floating around the internet: Garena Free Fire – New Age, or simply Free Fire. The Free Fire trailer gives you almost everything you could want to know about the action in a single glance. It’s a 50-player battle royale with all (or nearly all) of your preferred battle royale attributes.

You compete against 49 other opponents to see who can be the last one standing. You’ll need to gather weapons and armour, take down other players, loot their weapons and armor. And finally standoff against the rest of the players once the map’s boundaries have fallen in on you in your quest for dominance. Bring your teammates to the party with a 4-player squad mode with built-in voice communications!

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a cartoon style first-person shooter that really doesn’t take itself too seriously. While yet providing one of the cleanest competitive online shooter games on Android. The game has all of the essential elements of a good first-person shooter: quick and intuitive controls. This can be customized, well-designed levels and firearms that allow for adaptable gameplay, and a vibrant community of players.

Matches are 4v4 deathmatches set on dynamic and colourful maps with a combination of rush assaults, close-quarters warfare, and long-range sniping. One of the Guns of Boom’s best features is how simple. It is to load the program and start playing straight away. You can also spend time in the menus networking with friends, forming a clan, or diving into the Armory to buy and improve weapons and equipment and health kits for in-game currency and gold.

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